Four Roles Vanessa Hudgens Blew Us Away With Through Her Singing Voice

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We all know Vanessa Hudgens one way or another, being one of the greatest Disney stars and also as a half-Filipino half-American actress spreading out that Filipino pride in Hollywood. With this, it’s honestly impossible to forget her, especially when she’s not just such a good actress, she’s also a really great singer and ever since her first musical shown in Disney channel, Vanessa has been nailing each and every role in each and every musical she’s ever been in. So now, presenting before you are the four roles Vanessa Hudgens totally slayed in with her powerful and unforgettable singing voice.

1. Vanessa Hudgens as Gigi (Gigi)

Thank heavens for little girls and thank heavens Vanessa Hudgens was picked to portray the role of a young Parisian teen who goes by the name of Gigi.

Source: New York Post

Gigi was a 1958 musical which legendary and iconic Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn originally portrayed.

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Vanessa Hudgens was chosen to star as the titular role in the Broadway revival cast and honestly, she did not disappoint. She was just as majestic as Gigi has always been.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

In an interview, Vanessa Hudgens actually admitted that she did not expect to land the role of Gigi especially as a Filipino since she didn’t think that much Filipinos lived in Paris during the transition of time to the 20th century and because of this, she is just so thankful.

2. Vanessa Hudgens as Vanessa (In the Heights)

Vanessa Hudgens channels her Hispanic Filipino roots for this play as she sings and dances away on stage as a character who shares her name — Vanessa, the love interest of Usnavi, the main character of the play and a role originated by Lin-Manuel Miranda who just so happened to write the whole story and compose all the songs of the musical.

Source: Just Jared Jr.

In behind-the-scene takes, you can see Vanessa enjoying as she jives around the rehearsals and just owns the limelight. It’s cute how she constantly smiles, just showing how much of a good time she’s having.

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In The Heights was first shown on Broadway in 2008 and has won a ton of awards since then. And now, set for the big screen this 2020, we can finally see the stories of the different characters in the Hispanic-American community and how all their lives become intertwined especially when a lottery ticket is involved.

3. Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo (Grease)

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Vanessa Hudgens channels a badass high school student in the 70s when she plays Rizzo for Grease LIVE! And when she sang, “There Are Worse Things I Could Do”? Yeah, she totally got us there.

Grease was originally a movie shown in 1973 starring Olivia Elton-John and John Travolta in the lead roles.

4. Vanessa Hudgens as Gabriella (High School Musical)

Grease isn’t the only high school themed musical Vanessa Hudgens was a part of and if you know her very well, then you’d most probably recognize her for her most iconic role yet: the smart and sweet Gabriella Montez of High School Musical.

Vanessa Hudgens was only sixteen when she originated the role and she found a really great joy within the movies and a family with her cast members — not to mention a boyfriend too in Zac Efron who played as Gabriella’s love interest, Troy Bolton.

Ah yes, we just got hit right in the feels there. Well, it sure was nice to look through a few of Vanessa Hudgens’ roles in musicals. It made us tear up, seeing how far she’s come from being young and innocent Gabriella Montez.

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