From ‘Reputation’ to ‘Lover’: Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn’s Relationship

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We all know Taylor Swift as an amazing pop singer who totally puts out her feelings through ever song and gosh is it poetic. You could honestly tell how amazing her songs are with how she basically dominated the American Music Awards, otherwise known as the AMAs.

She has become an icon in the music industry and with that, Taylor has been quite the center of attention. Because of this, her relationships have been put in the spotlight whether she liked it or not.

For some reason, people have always eyed who would be Taylor’s next boyfriend as if it was the next big thing. It must have been because Taylor drew inspiration from each heartbreak and incorporated it into her songs. Its realness was what made each album of hers wholesome.

And for some time, Taylor has written breakup songs as each of her relationships did not work out. She was often criticized for this as the blame was put on her. Taylor had to deal with the bashing which she probably just set aside as she had a numerous number of supportive fans (us included).

Thankfully, she doesn’t have to go through the bashing about her relationships anymore as Taylor has seemed to find the one guy who would respect her and love her the way she deserves to be respected and loved.

Currently, Taylor Swift is in a three year long-term relationship with British actor, Joe Alwyn, and the couple is just absolutely goals.

You could tell hearts are swirling in Taylor’s eyes as she has been writing about her lover since her Reputation days.

Today we’re taking a glimpse behind this couple’s love stories through Taylor Swift’s songs — from Reputation to Lover.

Dress (Reputation)

“Flashback when you met me
Your buzzcut and my hair bleached”

These lines in Taylor Swift’s song, Dress, in her Reputation album describe exactly what her and her current boyfriend looked like when they first crossed paths during the 2016 MET gala.

During this time, Taylor Swift was dating Calvin Harris and had apparently gotten into a fun viral video with her next flame at the time, Tom Hiddleston.

In fact, rumors have spread that Taylor Swift had apparently cheated on Calvin Harris with Tom Hiddleston. Many have guessed this was to be with Taylor’s other Reputation song, Gorgeous.

Gorgeous (Reputation)

“You should think about the consequence
Of your magnetic field being a little too strong
And I got a boyfriend, he’s older than us
He’s in the club doing, I don’t know what”

But as much Gorgeous was thought to be about her short-lived romance with Tom after Calvin, Taylor made sure to tell her fans that it’s actually about her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, which meant Taylor fell head over heels for Joe even while she was in a relationship with Tom.

It can be seen in the lyrics, “I got a boyfriend, he’s older than us.”

With some research, we learned that Tom Hiddleston is actually 38 years old, making it a pretty big age gap to Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn who both belong in the same age group.

In fact, we get more of a glimpse of Taylor and Joe’s relationship while Tom Hiddleston was still in the picture with one of her Lover songs, Cruel Summer.

Cruel Summer (Lover)

Taylor Swift’s songs from Lover are mostly about her current lover, Joe Alwyn. Through it, she reveals little details of their relationship in a really poetic manner.

She’s been revealing a lot in fact and the information she’s been showing includes what was really going on between her and Joe while she was still dating Tom Hiddleston.

“I’m drunk in the back of the car
And I cried like a baby coming home from the bar (oh)
Said “I’m fine”, but it wasn’t true
I don’t wanna keep secrets just to keep you
And I, snuck in through the garden gate
Every night that summer just to seal my fate (oh)
And I screamed for whatever it’s worth
I love you, ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard?”

Cruel Summer is probably one of the top five most beautiful songs on the track, because of the melancholy way Taylor wrote the deep drama occurring in her life during the time.

With intense research, I was able to further understand the given lyrics above.

Apparently, while Taylor Swift was telling the world how in love she was with Tom Hiddleston, she was absolutely torn with her love for Joe Alwyn, because they had to keep their relationship secret in hopes that “they could stay the way they were,” a statement Taylor mentioned in one diary entry which she read for her fans.

“I love you, ain’t that the worst thing you ever heard,” were lyrics Taylor Swift wrote, referring to how hurt Joe was when he had to hear her say those three words to Tom.

…Ready For It? (Reputation)

Fast forward to Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s budding relationship where nobody else is in the picture. Her and Tom Hiddleston have broken up and now it’s only the two of them, keeping their relationship in secret.

Taylor writes about her and Joe on ...Ready For It?

“Knew he was a killer first time that I saw him
Wonder how many girls he had loved and left haunted
But if he’s a ghost, then I can be a phantom
Holdin’ him for ransom”

The lyrics, “If he’s a ghost,” may refer to how Joe is still a rising actor which means that his love life would not be put so much in the spotlight.

Oh and can we just point out that their birth years are on her music video?

The whole secret relationship takes a whole turn though, because well, we know the media these days.

Delicate (Reputation)

Taylor Swift mentions how the media has found out about her and her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, and how things may go down with her big reputation especially as things were getting really serious for them both — the paparazzi first caught them together when Joe was being introduced to her parents.

“This ain’t for the best
My reputation’s never been worse, so
You must like me for me
We can’t make
Any promises now, can we, babe?
But you can make me a drink”

In most of her interviews, Taylor is shown to not have quite the appeal towards the media as they constantly want to know about her every relationship.

She notes this in her other song, Call It What You Want.

Call It What You Want (Reputation)

“My baby’s fit like a daydream
Walking with his head down
I’m the one he’s walking to
So call it what you want, yeah, call it what you want to

I want to wear his initial
On a chain round my neck, chain round my neck
Not because he owns me
But ’cause he really knows me”

With these lyrics, it seems that Taylor is saying that Joe prefers to not believe things the media says about Taylor. He would much rather just know the girl he is in love with.

This can be seen with Joe himself who would rather not talk about Taylor in any interview.

Afterglow (Lover)

Obviously relationships aren’t always perfect no matter who you are. This goes for Taylor Swift who gives an apology to Joe for some mistakes she had probably caused during their relationship.

“I lived like an island, punished you with silence
Went off like sirens, just crying
Why’d I have to break what I love so much?
It’s on your face, don’t walk away, I need to say”

The lyrics above seem to show that there were times that Taylor had tried running away from their relationship, probably caused by the media trying to get the fresh news about them.

In fact, the “mistakes” Taylor Swift has said she had made in this song have been detailed a little in Cornelia Street.

Cornelia Street (Lover)

Cornelia Street is an actual street in New York where Taylor Swift rented an apartment.

The song of the same name shows how important the street or the place was in her and Joe’s relationship.

“Back when we were card sharks, playing games
I thought you were leading me on
I packed my bags, left Cornelia Street
Before you even knew I was gone”

In fact, the lyrics above show that Taylor Swift may have been hoping after a few months of them seeing each other that things would get serious already. It seems that she wasn’t able to see this in Joe at the time and may have misinterpreted his intentions, thinking he was just playing with her. One of the mistakes Taylor Swift may have been referring to in Afterglow, may be her running away situation mentioned in Cornelia Street (again, shown in the lyrics above).

The song then goes on though to say:

“But then you called, showed your hand
I turned around before I hit the tunnel
Sat on the roof, you and I”

These may mean that Joe actually ran after her and gave her the assurance she needed.

She then goes on to describe how important their love for each other has been.

“You hold my hand on the street
Walk me back to that apartment
Years ago, we were just inside
Barefoot in the kitchen
Sacred new beginnings
That became my religion, listen”

A love becoming her “religion” which is a metaphor meaning to relay how important the blossoming love between her and her lover is for her.

False God (Lover)

False God gives out the same metaphor, referring to love becoming a religion.

“But we might just get away with it
Religion’s in your lips
Even if it’s a false god
We’d still worship
We might just get away with it
The altar is my hips
Even if it’s a false god
We’d still worship this love”

It’s a song that mostly highlights how precious and intimate her relationship with Joe is.

Daylight (Lover)

You’d know things get more serious with her and Joe when Taylor shows that her relationship with him as pretty much been the best ever in her life with these lyrics:

“I don’t wanna look at anything else now that I saw you
I don’t wanna think of anything else now that I thought of you
I’ve been sleepin’ so long in a twenty-year dark night
And now I see daylight, I only see daylight”

Lover (Lover)

And finally, here we are to the present with their relationship stronger as ever and possible a future?

Taylor Swift hints in her song, Lover, how she has spent three summers with Joe (talking about their three year relationship) and how she wants the spend the rest of her summers with him. Fans have been speculating that this may mean Joe has put a ring on that finger. Although the couple hasn’t really confirmed it, it’s safe to say I guess that it could happen some time soon. For now though, let’s cheer on for them and let them love each other endlessly.

Go ahead and listen to Taylor Swift’s whole lover album! We promise that the whole of it is just TOO SPECTACULAR.


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