Gazini Ganados Gets Into The Top 20 Of Miss Universe After The Wildcard

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If you’re all watching Miss Universe on your televisions then you may have been feeling blue or maybe wanting to topple up some furniture at the start when the top five of Africa and Asia Pacific region was announced.

Unfortunately, even being top one with the online votes and at the top of the preliminary scores, Gazini Ganados was not called much to the surprise of many Filipino pageant enthusiasts around the world.


Truly, all Filipinos were hoping Gazini Ganados who had stood out from all the contestants, wearing a light purple gown instead of a silver one (compared to the rest) would be called eventually.

Thankfully, the Miss Universe pageant has a wildcard round and it was there when Gazini Ganados was first called.

At the center of the stage, Gazini Ganados mentioned how nerve-wrecking the pageant was, most probably talking about not being called at first. Well, we could certainly feel Gazini’s nervousness right here at the other side of the world. It was totally driving us cray-cray!

Source: CNN Philippines

The Filipina beauty queen was then asked by Steve Harvey why she has five names to which she explained that “Gazini” was something her mother took from her father while she was named “Christiana” after having been born on Christmas. Gazini even calls out to her family and jokes how they give her only one gift for her birthday and Christmas. Gazini was even able to segway this joke to expressing hope on winning the Miss Universe pageant as a gift for her upcoming birthday to which Steve Harvey replies with a, “We’ll see about that.”

Gazini was cheered by the many Filipinos who had managed to come to Atlanta, Georgia to support the aspiring Miss Universe beauty queen.


The candidates have then promoted their advocacies and introduced themselves to the world for fifteen seconds, in hopes of winning the pageant.

Through those fifteen seconds, Gazini expresses her advocacy towards senior citizens and projects her concerns over age discrimination, pointing out that we should respect those who has paved the way for us to grow, noting that “no one should be left behind”.


Go Gazini go!


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