Gazini Ganados Is Still A Queen In Our Hearts After Not Getting Into The Top 10 of Miss Universe

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The Top 10 is here and unfortunately, Gazini Ganados was not called.

Instead, the following contestants were called for the top ten spots:

Miss USA who has shown major support for her country, America, which is currently the location of the Miss Universe pageant this year.

Miss Columbia who is apparently a lawyer and dreamed to be one to be able to serve her country.

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Miss Puerto Rico who has expressed her bicultural roots and how happy she is to be in the limbo of two countries.

Miss South Africa who has shown to not be able to go to school after dealing hardships with her life, but has been able to pick herself up after working hard and now, she is a proud graduate.

Miss Peru who believes that education for children is important as it will help the world altogether.

Miss Iceland who discussed about discrimination and who felt insecure for a while during the pageant in her country as she did not look “Icelandic” at all. The bashing has pushed her to continue on with and win Miss Universe.

Miss France who has expressed her advocacy towards breast cancer and hopes that these women would be empowered.

Miss Indonesia who is one of the youngest to participate in the Miss Universe pageant from her country and from the other candidates of Miss Universe as well. She promotes raising voices of children, believing that they deserve to be heard.

Miss Thailand who has shown how she helps the victims of calamities in her country.

Miss Mexico who works on Ted TALKS and hopes to inspire anyone.

After the top ten, Miss Indonesia was interviewed and according to her, she is so thankful as the top ten is the farthest her country has ever gotten into the competition.


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