Gerald Anderson Ghosts His Ex Then Keeps Photos of Her On His IG Account? The Internet Does Not Approve.

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We’re all well-knowledgeable with the heated up Gerald-Bea-Julia issue that happened over the summer and we guess we can all come to one agreement: it was nasty. Incredibly nasty. And as things had just died down a little, the fire seems to heating up again.

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After Gerald Anderson apparently ghosted his ex, he had managed to keep all their photos of each other on their Instagram account, not even thinking to delete it. As a famous celebrity and social influencer, netizens have been relaying their opinions regarding the matter. Basically, they sure have disapproved.

Many have commented on the celebrity’s photos, hoping to get his attention. The comments were filled with statements to delete those photos while others continued blaming Julia Barretto who has been linked to Gerald Anderson and been branded as the third party or reason why the former couple had to break up.

Bea Alonzo and Gerald Anderson had lasted for four years. Their relationship died; however, last summer yet their memories still lives on in Gerald Anderson’s IG account — that is until he decides to delete it… someday soon.


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