Get Some Night Before Christmas Chills With Breakout Philippines!

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Christmas is a time of merry and jolly times, but if you’re the type who’s into the all-year scare or an avid fan of detective stuff, then going to Breakout Philippines would be a good choice to do for the holidays.

Breakout Philippines is a place filled with escape rooms with their own situations for the people entering to solve. Although filled with different stories, there is only one goal every person must face: to get out.

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Here’s a short video explaining how to play the game in a detailed manner:

Breakout Philippines has six branches, each branch with their own unique rooms with stories to tell.

We’ve listed the top two rooms of each branch that you are most definitely guaranteed to enjoy, ranging from easiest to most difficult.


Room 13

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With a difficulty of over 3.5/5, Room 13 tells the story of how a group of friends (referring to the players in the room) check-in at a creepy old motel after experiencing car failures.

While at the old motel, you discover that you are all trapped inside and everything seems that it was not an accident.

You are all going to have to figure out how to escape the motel you are trapped in before it’s too late.

The Diner

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In this room, one of your closest friends who has been missing for two weeks suddenly invites you to a diner. Apparently, he’s asking for help, but he’d rather you not tell anyone and just keep things to yourself.

Upon arriving at the diner, your friend seems to have left — at least that’s what the server at the counter said. Meanwhile, whilst he’s gone, your seemingly thoughtful friend has apparently ordered some food for you to eat.

Unfortunately, the food isn’t what it seems. After fainting from whatever thing was in that food, you discover everyone is gone and in front you is a note from your friend. He thanked you for all the help, serving as his “sacrifice”.

The room has allotted 45 minutes for you to escape.

This is apparently the most difficult room at the Shangri-la branch with an overall score of 5/5.



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From the name of the room itself, the situation here is that you have been abducted and you can’t remember a thing after waking up in a cage.

You have to find clues to get out, because your life is absolutely at stake.

This room with a simple plot is rated 3.5/5 when it comes to difficulty.

Number 1 Fan

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This room is as fun as it is thrilling, considering you get to be in the shoes of a really famous celebrity. Unfortunately though, your taste for the nice show business is short-lived, because as much as you get so many fans all claiming to be number one, there is one that stands out among the rest.

Although claiming to be your ultimate fan, this one person has been sending you hate mail and threats regarding your life. As you swoop through your fan mail, you realize that half of the hate mail come from that one person. This sort of drives you to become uneasy.

Wanting some fresh air, you try to step outside for a bit, but weirdly enough, the “number one fan” has locked you in and is challenging you to figure out his name. With all the clues, can you figure him out and escape?

This room is rated 4/5 regarding difficulty.



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From the name of the room, you may have figured that this story may have a sci-fi twist probably with a zombie mix to it. And you are quite right — though it isn’t exactly dealing specifically with zombies, instead it tells the story of of how an airborn virus has been causing a world plague. Due to this, people have been brought into quarantine while a cure was being developed.

Everything was under control until an earthquake hit. The virus is now affecting everyone and it may affect you to if you don’t finish to work on the vaccine and escape alive and healthy.

This room is rated 3.5/5 in difficulty.

Dead End

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Partnering with Columbia Pictures in honor of the Escape Room movie, Breakout Philippines presents the Dead End room which pretty much sort of brings the film produced by Columbia Pictures to life.

In Dead End, six strangers (signifying the six players) go to a mysterious building all to experience the escape room — a game filled with endearing puzzles. The prize? Oh it’s just about a $1,000,000 cash.

Of course, just like any other horrific story, everything starts out well as first until everyone sees that each trial starts to become more and more sadistic. That is when everyone realizes that survival is the prize they’re all aiming for now.

The difficulty level of this game is about 5/5.



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This escape room deals with an asylum that has shut down after a series of deaths from its patients has occurred. According to the rumors which you refuse to believe, there are supernatural forces haunting the place.

As a journalist, you and your team decide to visit the asylum in uncover the truth behind it, but when you get stuck inside and seem to sense some creepy things, you begin to wonder two possibilities: the existence of supernatural beings or your own mind being consumed by paranoia; hence, the name of the room.

The difficulty of this game has a score of 3.5/5.

Corpse Bride

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As much as the name of this room reminds you of Tim Burton’s fantastically horrifying animated movie with the same title, this room has absolutely nothing do with it. In fact, the plot behind its name is even more brutal than that of Tim Burton’s masterpiece.

Unlike the other rooms, the Corpse Bride requires a minimum of two players instead of one, because after all, what’s the fun in uncovering a viscious story alone?

Apparently this room centers on the story of a dress shop owned by a sweet newlywed couple. The shop has been famous in your town for its amazing designs. Unfortunately though, rumors of the wife dying due to an illness have risen. The husband, consuming himself in grief, lost inspiration to make any more dresses. His shop lost customers soon after.

Eventually though, everyone notices that a new addition has been made to the gloomy shop once filled with joy. It’s a mannequin with enchanting looks that seem rather life-like.

With curiosity bubbling inside of you, you go in with your friend/s after you pass by the shop with the light on. You and your friend/s call out for the owner, but weirdly enough, there’s nobody there. Deciding that the shop is creepy, you and your friend/s decide to go out until you find yourself locked from the outside.

There’s something weird going around in the shop and you need to find out exactly what it is while plotting a way to escape before time runs out.

The game has a difficulty level score of 4/5.


The Katipunan branch currently only has two escape rooms. Here are both of them:

Hide and Seek: A Horror Escape Room Experience

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From its name, this room is enveloped with a story from the horror genre.

Rumors of a haunted room have been constantly spreading. Out of fun, you and your friends decide to rent the place, considering none of you believe in it.

Unfortunately though, once you all enter, you realize that the rumors might be true after all.

4/5 is the difficulty level in this room.

Clown House

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Are you the fan of Pennywise or Joker? If so, this room may be just for you.

Another story enveloped by rumors, you and your friends decide to go into the famous clown house, the one place where people are said to never make it out alive, in hopes to prove that the house is nothing more than just a silly story.

Well, guess what? It isn’t. And as you’re trapped by the clown of a mastermind, you have to find a way to breakout before it’s too late.

Just like the only other room in the Katipunan branch, this room is rated 4/5 with regards to difficulty.


Fairy’s Tale

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Unlike other rooms, the story is actually of the fantasy genre.

Your grandmother loves telling stories, specifically fairytales. Everything is absolutely enchanting and perfect as she tells each one until you somehow discover that she might actually be a fairy which means that you may be one too.

As a door reminsicent to Narnia’s opens with a strange and unique light, you realize that this may be another dimension. It’s time for you to find out who you really are and uncover the secrets of your true family lineage. Who are you? Or rather, what are you?

As fantastical as this journey in this room may be, it’s a quest that isn’t that easy as it holds a difficulty level score of 4/5.


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Right from the title, you’re brought into a story involving your best friend — at least the fictional one in the escape room, that is.

With a new person on your street, you knew the moment you met, you two would become best friends forever and sure enough, you were right. Probably even more than right as you two started to become inseperable.

Being so, you decide to sneak into her house and give a welcome home present while her and her family was out on vacation. After leaving it in her room, you start to go out, but then you’re suddenly brought with the realization that you actually don’t know anything about her.

Hoping to figure her out, you decide to snoop in her place for a while, but could you really be ready to figure out who your friend really is?


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