Go For Twinning or Matching Outfits With Kehlani’s Unisex Fashion Collection

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In 2011, the sixth season of America’s Got Talent featured a rock and soul band from Oakland called “Pop Lyfe”. Among its four members was Kehlani Parrish, who is now a famous hip hop and RnB artist, known as a strong supporter and active member of the LGBTQ community. Kehlani rose to fame since she released her first mix tape “Cloud 19” and her hit song “Honey”. Today, she is dubbed as one of the latest queer icons in the United States.

Recently, the twenty three year old superstar launched the first summer collection of her very own unisex clothing brand “TSNMI”. The brand emphasizes inclusivity and flexibility which means that it isn’t limited to one particular gender. It also focuses on comfortable yet stylish fashion for men, women, transsexuals, bisexuals, and basically everybody else. The summer collection consists of activewear, basics, and infant wear. The streetwear fashion line exudes vibrant colors inspired by the West Coast and comprises of tracksuits, jewelry, and chakras, among others.

Pink tie-dyed hoodie

Source: The 5th Element Mag

How cool is this feminine yet masculine hoodie in tie-dyed design? Perfect for cold summer nights or the rainy season, it will surely bring sunshine to your days!

Color blocked track suits

Source: The 5th Element Mag

Whether to the gym or just about any ordinary rainy day – these colorful track suits will definitely make you look as cool as Kehlani.


Source: The 5th Element Mag

Talk about matching couple outfits! These amazing jackets are perfect for your next winter vacation with your boyfriend or twinning with your bestfriend!

Loop earrings

Source: The 5th Element Mag

Who said that only women can wear earrings? These cool loop earrings with minimal design resembles the “Yin Yang” symbol. “Yin” symbolizes femininity and the trough of a wave while “Yang” represents brightness, passion, and growth.


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