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Going Through Anxiety? Here Are ‘Weapons’ To Guide You On Your Battle

Going Through Anxiety? Here Are ‘Weapons’ To Guide You On Your Battle

Anxiety isn’t easy. Your heart pounds a lot ‘till you can’t breathe. You sweat profusely. You overthink. Sometimes, panic attacks can even lead you into depression then that’s when you feel you don’t have control of your life. Well, guess what? Think again. You do have control. And if you don’t have strength enough to think or feel that, then we’re here to help guide you. Here are a bunch of ways or ‘weapons’ as we like to call them to help you as you battle that horrid beast called anxiety:

1. Don’t be a sponge.

Sure we all heard from Anna (Frozen) to not shut people out.

But you don’t have to be a human sponge, soaking up all that negativity from people. Remember, you aren’t Spongebob.

What you are is human so give yourself some breaks. Keep that balance between the negative and the positive. If you don’t feel comfortable doing something then don’t do it. If you feel bad about something, tell your feelings. Don’t care about what other people say. You aren’t living for them now are you? Learn to be there for your friends when they need you and you’re in the mood to help them pick up their broken pieces and also learn when it’s time to help yourself pick up your own broken pieces. You don’t hold the responsibilities of the world. Even a Spongebob like you can say “NO”.

2. Forget about yesterday and don’t think about tomorrow.

Feeling bad about the past and stressing yourself on possible problems tomorrow? You know what you’re giving yourself? Stress. Stress that then leads to anxiety. Learn to accept that you can’t change what happened before and you might not be able to control what happens tomorrow. So you know what? Keep yourself calm and live for today. Feel blessed and thank God that it’s today!

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3. Stop it with the caffeine.

As much as caffeine is wonderful, it’s a sureball no no when you’re suffering from anxiety. The drug will only boost your energy levels and palpitating or just being plain hyped up is honestly the last thing you need when being anxious.

What you need is something to calm your senses. Go and meditate, clear your mind, or drink some tea.

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