Great Bleached Hair, Comes with Great Responsibility

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Every girl is going crazy in coloring their hair. Some color it burgundy, brown, even daring color such as hot pink and bright red or blue. And if you are into bolder new look having a bleached, bright and blonde hair is for you. Being blonde or having a bleached hair is totally a head turner. Yes! Your hair is golden, striking blonde and it really look great on you! But having bleached hair is surely a bloody work, from the process of becoming blonde down to maintaining and keeping your hair healthy and moisturize.  Bleached hair requires close attention of care, you don`t want to end up having frizzy and dry ends, brassy ugly tones and the worst part is hair loss. And for sure that`s every girls nightmare! What`s not to like if you know that aside from you achieve the hair goals you wanted you are also taking care of your crowning glory. So, here are some home remedy on how to take good care of your bleached hair.

#1. No to Harsh Shampoos

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Here in our country we experience extreme hotness especially during summer days, the air is very humid which makes your hair sticky and dry so using a shampoo can remove that sticky and dry feeling of hair. But if you think this works for all hair types, not at all. Bleached hair tend to have drier strands and using a regular shampoo strips the hair natural oil and might worsen bleached hair damage and dryness. What you can do is to use or stick with a cleansing conditioner, a coconut cleansing conditioner is a good product to try. These types of products will not remove the natural oil but will add moisture to your bleached hair.

#2. Stay away from Heat!

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Avoid using flat iron, blower, extreme hair styling and even staying longer under the sun. Using the following products can remove the natural texture of your hair, some girls use heat protection spray before using air dry products it may lessen the effect but still it will surely remove its natural moisture. One good home remedy is to learn styling your hair naturally using different not-heat styling techniques.  Hair clips, accessories different method to achieve hairstyle, you might end up getting your style in trying some new!

#3. Moisturize Is the Name of the Game

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Having dry hair is every girls rival and you need to deal with this culprit every time. To fight with dryness, you need to look for some basic kitchen products you can use to moisturize your hair. Yes! You heard it right, a home remedy for dryness of bleached hair, you just need the following:

  • 1 egg
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil
  • 1 ripe banana

Mix the following ingredients and apply it to your hair, make sure to massage it and leave it for 10 minutes for the mixture to fully absorb by your scalp. Try to these method 3 to 4 times a week and see the big difference.

#4. DIY Conditioner

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Using conditioner will lock in moisture to your bleached hair without drying out in between washes. Here are some DIY home remedy conditioners that you need to try using kitchen products:

a. Mayonnaise, egg, apple cider and honey. Mix it all to a blender to make a thick paste. The ingredients make your hair stronger, hydrated and deeply moisturized.

b. Yogurt and egg Conditioner. Get about six tablespoon of yogurt and mix it well with an egg. Apply and massage it to your bleached hair and leave it for 30 minutes to lock in the moisture.

c. Aloe Vera and lemon Conditioner. One tablespoon of lemon juice and 4 tablespoons of aloe Vera, mix it and apply it on your shampooed hair for 5 minutes.

#5. Tone Up your Bleach

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Your bleached hair over time can become brassy, dull and will loose its vibrant color. And you just have to deal with it by using a color enhancing shampoo. Use a purple color shampoo or conditioner to bring back the natural bleach and to maintain its color. You may use home remedies such as baking soda and a free-sulfate shampoo, apple cider vinegar rinse, lemon and a lot more.

Using the following home remedy, doing the right hair routine, using the right bleached products and don`t forget to visit the nearest salon where you entrust your hair, you keep that bleached hair vibrant, beautiful and most important is a healthy bleached hair. And remember you are still amazing!



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