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Guilty Pleasure, No More — 5 Benefits Eating Chocolate Can Actually Give You

Guilty Pleasure, No More — 5 Benefits Eating Chocolate Can Actually Give You

Chocolate. From being a kid until up to now, I have always found myself perking up at the mere word. Chocolate just has this effect on people, but as sweet as the sound of its wrapper is, many people have regarded chocolate as a guilty pleasure they needed to stay at least ten feet away from. But hey, a guilty pleasure isn’t what chocolate’s all cut out to be. The sweet delectable treat also has great benefits for your body that it can even be regarded as healthy.

For one, chocolate can make you happy and can reduce chances of depression.

Eating chocolate is like falling in love. As much as it sounds poetic, setting aside literary terms and going into a more scientific view, eating chocolate is literally like falling in love, because when we start to fall for someone, our brain creates this chemical called phenylethylamine which is totally found in chocolate too.

Believe it or not, chocolate can also prevent diabetes when TAKEN IN MODERATION. Studies show that cocoa improves insulin sensitivity; therefore dark chocolate (again when taken in moderation) can help to either delay or prevent diabetes.

Source: Charles River: Eureka – Charles River Laboratories

Another surprising fact is how chocolate — specifically dark chocolate — is good for your skin. Dark chocolate contains flavonols that protect your skin from the sun (though not entirely, but it does).

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Chocolate has also proved itself to help the heart and blood circulation as it prevents clogging of the arteries.

Source: Daily Express

Chocolate is also apparently good too when you’re on a diet to lose weight. Apparently, if you take chocolate twenty minutes or so before a meal, the brain tricks itself into thinking you’re full; therefore, because of the full feeling, you’re forced to cut the usual food intake of rice and viand.

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