Happy Birthday December Babies! Family Mart Has Got A Gift For You.

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Birthdays are most probably one of the best occassions of the year for about anyone. There’s just everything good about it. It’s the cake, friends, family, another year which you survived, all the cool food, and well, something really cool: ice cream.

Family Mart seems to understand that and so this month, their gift for all the December babies is free ice cream. Two flavors can be chosen: belgian dark chocolate or matcha.

Source: GOODY25

What’s a better gift than Family Mart ice cream?

If you’re a December birthday celebrant, then you’re in luck. Here’s how to get your free ice cream gift after you’ve downloaded the Family Mart app:

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And of course, lastly, enjoy!

Source: The World of Buzz

So what’s the hold up December babies? Rush to Family Mart and claim your free ice cream today!


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