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He Could Like You — He Just Might Be Horrible At Expressing The Part (Like, Really Horrible)

He Could Like You — He Just Might Be Horrible At Expressing The Part (Like, Really Horrible)

Ah, men. Is there anything else we really want to say about them other than the fact that they’re pretty confusing human beings? No offense to all those men out there secretly reading this type of post (to we don’t know, maybe check if we’re even correct), but we just don’t get you. As the saying goes, “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.”

Let’s just face it, please. Men can be hella confusing. We don’t know if you guys are into us, women or just trying to be really nice. It’s something we don’t understand so finally, from further research and answers from aliens from the other planet (a.k.a. men), we’ll finally be able to shed light on the topic. Emphasis on finally.

Sign #1. He Just Casually Wanna Spends Time With You (Yeah, ‘Cause He Wants To Be Cool And All LOL).

You know, men. They want to be dense creatures we can never understand, because they think that adds up to the “cool atmosphere”. They want us to make us fall on our feet (without actually understanding that we aren’t getting the signals — we mean, why act too cool when you can just say it?). It’s crazy weird, but you got to just ride with it anyway and perhaps suppose he likes you — only if he only does this to you, ‘cause you know, it could just be his personality (OK, did we really clear up this sign?).

Sign #2. He Does The Littlest Things For You — Even Things You Really Don’t Need Him Doing Like Giving You Sunscreen Every Hour So You Wouldn’t Get Sunburnt (OK, That’s Just Crazy Hilarious, Do Boys Even Do That?).

Guys are in love when they find themselves doing every little thing for you. He just wants to impress you and make you see that he’s boyfriend material enough if you think otherwise. He’s hoping that you’ll fall for that, because you know, girls fall in love with guys doing cute things (or at least that’s what they think).

Sign #3. He’s Making Himself A Better Person For You (Yeah, That Must Be Why He’s Changed In The Weirdest Ways).

Is he doing things you never thought he would? Like we don’t know, have a soft heart for a few things when you seriously knew he was cold to begin with? (No, we didn’t take this from a K-drama. Maybe you did… Woops). Yeah, he definitely might have feelings for you. Everybody knows people don’t easily change. But if this guy you suspect has feelings for you suddenly changes in a flash? He’s most definitely liking you. If we’re wrong, he must be a Martian — literally. Clearly, he doesn’t understand how us, Earthlings work.

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Sign #4. “There’s No ‘You’ and ‘Me’. There’s Only ‘Us’.”

This is probably not a helpful sign, but it’s best to keep this in mind. When a guy likes you, he definitely doesn’t see you two as mere individuals. He sees you as his other half. That’s how men are, because when they fall in love, they really fall in love. It sounds crazy, but it’s true. (Note: If a man cheated on you, he most probably didn’t love you in the first place.)

And those are all the signs of men liking women but us, women not being able to guess, because hey, they really are confusing! We hope these signs help you see him a new light. If you’ve shouted “Bingo!” as you’ve read all these signs, then there’s a high chance he really does like you, but as the Martian he is, can’t make it obvious.

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