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He Loves You, He Loves You Not? Hold Our Drinks, Because We’re Going To Teach You How To Figure Him Out

He Loves You, He Loves You Not? Hold Our Drinks, Because We’re Going To Teach You How To Figure Him Out

Crushing on someone is one of the sweetest moments in our life that could never get old. You know what also doesn’t get old? Getting rejected. But hey, what if he likes you? We know that it may not be something worth to bet especially when you know you’re the type to run home and cry while watching classic 80s movies on Netflix (yeah, some of us tend to do that too), but hear us out, ok? We know how to figure him out. Intrigued? Well we can’t wait to share it with you too! So without further ado, here are ways to figure out if he likes you back and no, it doesn’t involve ripping petals apart from a flower.

Sign #1. He Makes “Da Moves”.

He goes extra every time you’re there, even if the extra package may consist of him embarrassing himself. He makes sure you see him do awesome stuff — tries his best to impress you basically. When there are tons of people in the room, you’re the first he’ll go to, because he obviously likes you.

Sign #2. He Asks You If You’re Single And Ready To Mingle.

“Are you single?”

If you’re not that convinced with the first sign, thinking he may just be acting “nice” (believe us, we’ve witnessed countless of “nice guys”) then this sign will most definitely convince you otherwise. If he’s pulled the are you single card then girl, he isn’t just being nice. He really does want it to be a more of “us” situation between the two of you instead of a “you and me” thing.

Sign #3. He Knows Things About You You Don’t Remember Telling Him.

Stalker much? Yeah, could be, but hey, as your crush you may have to admit that it’s kind of cute (well as long as it isn’t too extreme or anything).

Sign #4. He Likes Your Posts — A Lot.

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We all want to be noticed by the person we like even if it’s just social media. If you see your crush likes most of your posts or maybe even all, you might have to wait for some sort of confession anytime from now. Really. Anytime now.

Sign #5. His Friends Tease Him With You.

Our friends are most probably the most obvious species in this world. That means his friends won’t be different. If they tease him with you then there’s a really high possibility that he likes you.

And there you have it! Here are all the signs to figure out if he likes you or not. Just so you know, these signs just come from studies on how to determine if your crush may like you back. We’re not psychics so it may still be best to prepare for rejection, considering the fact that your crush may be far from the average male. We’re only trying to make you more aware of the possibility, because hey, it’s definitely not impossible for your crush to like you back. Who knows? He may be preparing to confess to you right at this moment.

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