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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino’s Interview at “Tonight with Boy Abunda”

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino’s Interview at “Tonight with Boy Abunda”

“Surreal.” This is how Maine described her recent experience as she stepped in the ABS-CBN studio for an exclusive interview with famous talk show host Boy Abunda in his famous late night program “Tonight With Boy Abunda.” Maine exclaimed that she never thought she’d have the opportunity to be interviewed by the critically acclaimed host himself. Maine captioned it as “Achievement unlocked maexperience ang fast talk with Tito Boy Abunda”. She was accompanied by “Isa Pa With Feelings” leading man Carlo Aquino to promote their upcoming movie.

Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino met at the premier night of Carlo’s movie, “Meet me in Saint Galen”. They were introduced by a common friend, the director of the film herself, Irene Villamor. Maine wanted to have a photo with the actor as she revealed that she had a huge crush on him and has always been a fan of him. Thus, Direk Irene came running after Carlo and asked him to have a photo with Maine to which the actor gladly obliged.

The “Isa pa With Feelings” lead stars participated in the “Isa Pa or Tama Na” challenge. When asked if she would get another tattoo from the famous Wang-Od, Maine answered “Tama na” as she described the pain to be excruciating. With regards to skydiving, Maine’s reply was “Isa pa”. She said she felt like flying when she did it for the first time. Meanwhile, Carlo was asked by Tito Boy if he wanted to be part of another boy band similar to “JCS” (John Pratts, Carlo Aquino and Stefano Mori) just like how it was in the 90s. Carlo quickly responded, “Kung sila yung makakasama ko, isa pa.” The last question was addressed to the two, “Another project with Black Sheep or Star Cinema, isa pa or tama na? The fans went wild as they all exclaimed “Isa pa!”. Carlo and Maine’s response was the same.

Tito Boy Abunda surprised Maine with the question, “Gaano kalaking bahagi ng kaligayahan mo si Arjo (Atayde)?” Maine replied with a huge smile in her face, “Malaking bahagi po.” There was no follow-up question after this.

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On the other hand, before the well-respected talk show host threw a sensitive question to Carlo, he declared “Una, nagpapasintabi ako sa inyong dalawa humihingi ako ng tawad. There are things that people are expecting me to ask, and I will ask. You may or you may not answer me and I will totally, totally understand. But you have to also totally, totally understand me that I have to ask certain questions.” Tito Boy recalled a certain interview he had with Carlo’s ex girlfriend Angelica Panganiban to which she implied that Carlo doesn’t exist in her life. Tito Boy’s question to Carlo was, “When she said that, was she fair?” Carlo’s answer was straightforward, “Opo, kung nasaktan ko s’ya ganon’, ahh karapatan niya ‘yon – karapatan niyang pagdaanan at karapatan niyang maramdaman ‘yon at hindi ko dapat pigilan ‘yon kaya nung sinabi niya ‘yon tapos nakarating sa’kin sabi ko okay lang naman.” Tito Boy threw a follow-up question in an instant, “Deretsang tanong – pinaasa mo ba si Angge?” Carlo said, “Hindi ko.. siguro po. Siguro.” When asked what went wrong between the two of them, Carlo said “Hindi ko lang siguro kaya Tito Boy na.. Oo mahal ko s’ya pero parang mas gusto ko na friends lang kami. Natatakot lang ako na masaktan siya ulit.” Carlo revealed that he met his current girlfriend, Trina Candaza before his movie “Exes baggage” with Angelica Panganiban started and didn’t get to see each other for a long time. However, upon completion of the movie, he and Trina reconnected. Carlo confirmed that Trina is indeed his present girlfriend without second thoughts.

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