Here’s The List of The New Christmas Music You Should Be Jamming To For The Holidays This Year

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It’s now 2019 and we’ve been jamming to the same Christmas songs for years. From Last Christmas to All I Want For Christmas? Yeah, don’t get me wrong. These hits are classics and deserve to be forever sung, but we also need original music now and then. Thankfully, different artists have decided to make their own songs just for the season. Each one has trended after the other and so for the season’s sake, we’re listing all the cool songs for your special Christmas playlist this year. Your friends could be surprised that you aren’t listening to All I Want For Christmas on repeat.

1. One I’ve Been Missing by Little Mix


Being the first Christmas song they have ever released, One I’ve Been Missing was written by Little Mix member Leigh-Ann. The song has been intended to her other half.


The song speaks of a long-distance relationship between the persona and her lover. It’s a perfect mellow Christmas song to slow dance to in Christmas parties or if you just want to have a chillax mode while everyone is going crazy and jolly.

2. Like It’s Christmas by The Jonas Brothers

Source: YouTube

Apparently girl bands aren’t the only ones kicking things off for the season. Even The Jonas Brothers have found their way to make their own song for the holidays right after their wondrous reunion.

The song is pretty upbeat and seems to have a mix of that perfect R&B and soul and all that. Basically, the song speaks of how always being with the one you love makes it feel like it’s always Christmas.

3. Cozy Little Christmas by Katy Perry

Source: Katy Perry – Trendolizer

The song was released last year, exclusively on Amazon, and was officially released last month.

Source: YouTube

Katy Perry wrote this song for her family about their stay at Copenhagen and intends to send the message that love is more important than gifts.

4. Make It To Christmas by Alessia Cara

Source: YouTube

Unlike the other Christmas songs released, Alessia’s Make It To Christmas shares a little bit of those sad vibes — though the song is pretty upbeat.

Source: ET Canada

The song sends a message of how most cold couples just try to last until the holidays so they would not have to be alone for the Christmas season.

5. Christmas Tree Farm by Taylor Swift

Source: iHeartRadio

And of course, Taylor Swift isn’t going to be left behind with all this Christmas fever. The artist of the year and woman of the decade just had to write her own song and yes, it’s officially Swift-mas.

Source: Flare

Taylor Swift solely wrote this song whose music video shows home videos of Taylor as she grew up in a Christmas tree farm.


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