Here’s Why You Should Never Miss Out On The KKW Beauty Foundation!

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Having “flaws” specifically in our skin can sometimes lead us to feel uncomfortable in showing it to others. Some just feel embarrassed, insecure, and just not confident which can affect the self-esteem of oneself and socialization with others. Nowadays, where people are looking for ways to remove this stigma, using makeup products to cover such flaws is the remedy and is acceptable for all types of skin and flaws. Body makeup tricks are not new to most of celebrities and known artists are mostly doing this kind of trick and to their success! And because we are talking about body makeup, one name will surely stand out: Kim Kardashian in her newly launched KKW Skin Perfecting Body Foundation.

The KKW beauty foundation offers not just one shade but 7 different shades: fair, light sand with peachy undertones; light, soft nude with warm undertones; light/medium, soft beige with neutral undertones; medium, mid-tone beige with neutral undertones; tan, rich gold with warm undertones; dark, deep sepia with neutral undertones; and deep dark, rich bronze with warm undertones. Now that’s a perfect body foundation for all sorts of skin color!

And all of us here at SHY are suprised on how this KKW beauty foundation works its undeniable magic! The product is claiming that “The Skin Perfecting Body Foundation works to blur imperfections, enhance skin tones, and provide a flawless finish for any look. The creamy formula and innovative pigments blend evenly and seamlessly into the skin. The soft focus, light diffusing spheres blur imperfections while the silky powders leave the skin with a naturally flawless finish that’s never sticky or heavy. The unique water-resistant formula bonds with the skin to enhance wear while giving off subtle hints of vanilla and coconut.”

But of course, people are expressing various opinions regarding the KKW beauty body foundation. Some are claiming that the product spreads body-shaming culture, encouraging the people to cover up their flaws instead of being proud and confident enough to flaunt them. On a side note; however, we just cannot deny the self-satisfactory effect and confidence the product can provide. A Los Angeles-based makeup artist, Katrina Marrufo posted a photo of her mom, who was diagnosed with a skin condition. She showed one leg where she applied the KKW beauty body foundation.

She also pointed out the skin differences which people are naturally having.

The post gained so much reaction and support, and yes, this thing went viral! And to everyone who has been rooting for Kim Kardashian, it is known that she also experiences a skin condition called Psoriasis which had served as an inspiration in creating this product. Moreover, the product covers not just specific skin condition and flaws, but its goal which is to make the skin look better.

The KKW beauty body foundation can be applied pretty smoothly and easily. Some are claiming that it is like air brushing your legs with a shimmering effect. It is also transfer-resistant and water resistant, something a lot of people just love about the product.

Here’s the magical transformation that KKW beauty body foundation product offers:

Kim also applied the foundation on her Grandmother MJ and the result left everyone speechless!

For a splendid experience of using the product, here are the tips and tricks that you should try!

  • Apply a small amount of body makeup on dry clean skin or directly onto your KKW beauty brush.
  • Apply to skin to enhance, even out, and cover up imperfections.
  • Blend into your skin using long strokes with the brush or your hand.
  • Use product sparingly on ankles, knees, and elbows (a little goes a long way).
  • Reapply for the desired level of coverage.
  • Let dry before dressing
  • Remove with makeup cleansing wipes or soap and water.

Don’t miss out on it and try the KKW beauty body foundation!


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