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Hilary Duff Is Launching Her Own Makeup Collection

Hilary Duff Is Launching Her Own Makeup Collection

Who can forget Hilary Duff when she graced our screens as the iconic Lizzie McGuire, even proved herself as such a great and talented singer, and just an amazing beautiful human being? Yeah, no one. Hilary is just too cool. Face reality. And guess what? Just as she’s already showing how fulfilled and successful she seems, especially with her son at her side, Hilary’s going to show us again just how awesome she is by launching her own makeup collection with Nudestix.

Source: Nudestix

The collection is called the “Daydreamer Palette” which consists of six pieces. These are pf the following: a cosmetic mirror, a zip-up bag, a makeup sharpener, three eye pencils with shades of luxe tan, olive, and rose gold, a blush, a highlighter, a lip balm, and a cheek balm.

Source: Revelist

The “Daydreamer Palette” is a chemical-free and vegan-friendly collection, having been made by Nudestix who promotes chemical-free makeup.

Source: Revelist

Hilary has mentioned that the collection is perfect for on-the-go situations, especially for a busy woman like her.

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Honestly, we think that Hilary Duff’s makeup collection is just perfect, mainly for any dreamer out there who needs more time to reach their goals while also trying to do their makeup. We also think Lizzie McGuire would be obsessed with these makeup pieces too. What do you guys think?

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