Hold Up People. These Hairstyles Are Now Trending And They’re Worth To Be Tried.

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Trends change every now and then. I guess we can all agree with that. Some come while others go while others just actually come back… again… and again and again and again. Yeah, it’s all just one crazy cycle, but hey, we love it anyway. One type of trend that always comes and go to only come back again are those nice and cool hairstyles we can’t get enough. Now it’s August and the rainy season, here are a couple of the hairstyles that are completely in now.

1. She Bangs, She Bangs, She FUUUULLLL BAAAANGS.

This rainy season, we’re all about bangs. OK, we’ll be honest, bangs are always for all seasons, but hey, they’re trending right now anyway so they’re still counted on this list.

Full bangs are seriously something to consider trying if you don’t have them already. They’re cute to look at and fun to play around with, especially if you want to feel like Ariel, blowing her bangs off her face from time to time (not gonna lie, sorta tried it the first time I got bangs — I mean, don’t we all?).

2. Pigtails Are Too Cool For Age.


Who says you can only wear pigtails when you’re 6 or below? Grade schoolers aren’t the only ones who can enjoy pigtails, you know! Even us, adults can. Why I say, we use these nice pigtails! It’s time we changed things! It’s time for a… A… A hair revolution! And it sure will be something we will certainly enjoy.

3. Nowadays, It Isn’t Only Paper That Can Be Glossy. Make Your Hair Glossy Too!

When Aladdin said “shining, shimmering, splendid”, we never thought he also meant our hair! (He didn’t really, but I just had to say it.)

Make your hair stand out by making it extra shiny and irresistible. How to do this “magical hairdo”, you ask? Simple! Conditioner. Lots and lots of it (but not too much — we wouldn’t want your hair to be falling out, now would we?).

4. West Side Story? More Like, Wet Side Story… Featuring Your Hair!

Who knew that wet look is trending now? Well, it is! At least now you know, haha! But yeah, we’re not kidding or tricking you. It isn’t necessarily a complete shower wet head type though. It’s just hair that is wet a little. Maybe a not so dried up shower wet head. Yeah.

Well, at least now you won’t have to be embarrassed when you go out with your hair a little wet. Always remember: if anyone questions you, say it’s trending.

Well we hope you get to try these hairstyles and have the best rainy season ever! That’s all we have right now.

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