Honest Food Reviews on Banh Mi Kitchen: Everything You Need To Know About Their Top 2 Specials

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I’ve been round and about. I’ve tasted a lot of restaurants’ and food chains’ recipes. I’ve found some pleasing and others not. It’s just been a sort of thing I loved to do. And just the other day, I’ve fancied to taste Banh Mi Kitchen‘s top 2 specials on their menu list.

For you guys who have just heard Banh Mi Kitchen for the first time, it’s a Vietnamese restaurant that serve sandwiches as their specialty. I suppose you can say that it’s kind of like an Asian Subway. And I suppose that was what made it interesting. It looks like an average American sub, but they brag about how you could feel the wonderful tastes of unique Vietnamese delicacies swirl in your mouth the minute you’d bite into it. With that, I just had to eat it.

I managed to get the two things that seemed really interesting: the classic and lemongrass chicken sandwich. I got junior versions of the two just to see if I’d fancy it.

Banh Mi‘s sandwiches come in different sizes. It’s perfect for when you just want to grab a bite.

Now time for the criticisms with the taste test. Frankly, both sandwiches had its own unique thing to offer and I’d have to say that I loved both.

The classic sandwich basically seems to have ham inside and a TON of vegetables. The white sauce within pretty much tasted like mayonnaise infused with the right amount of wasabi that would have that delectable quick. There are also herbs which add up to that delicious flavor. Oh and the best thing about it? It has this really crisp texture. It’s absolute sandwich heaven.

The junior version of it already got me full so I’d say that it’s a perfect on-the-go food to buy whenever you’re in the rush for school or work and haven’t gotten to eat breakfast yet.

As for the lemongrass chicken sandwich, the taste was just as perfect as the classic one. In fact, it’s quite similar. It has almost the same ingredients but some added sauce and chicken instead of ham. It also has this crisp texture. And basically overall, it’s bound to make you want more.


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