How To Live Through Life With The Good Advice Cupcake

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Let’s set things straight: adulting is difficult. Whether you’re new to it or a veteran as you might say, adulting is difficult and it will always be.

There are just unfortunate times where life will knock you down. It’s something we may experience a lot, but never really get used to.

Thankfully, an optimistic cupcake is read to give us advice as we navigate through life and even though she may be a tasty pastry, she’s actually much more wiser than you may think.

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The Good Advice Cupcake Show is a Buzzfeed Animations Studio creation and is the first animated show to ever be shown on Facebook watch.

The tasty pastry is someone who gives really good advice to those who are going to everyday relataboe situations. Cupcake, otherwise known as Cuppy throughout the show, is accompanied by Cookie, her best friend, and Bun, her non-binary partner.

Cuppy even has an Instagram where she posts relatable comics and answers to fan questions. At times, the answers to these fan questions get animated and when they do, they’re incredibly charming.

Here are a few of the great advices Cuppy has told many:

The Best Plans Are The Cancelled Plans

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[email protected]$& IM TIRED

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What To Do When Life Gives You Lemons

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What To Do With Toxic People

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Bye, b*tches! 💖

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How To Adult

Advice On Not Giving Up

Cuppy has been known so much as a wise life hacker that she even has her own book!

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Entitled Grab Life By The Balls, Cuppy shows how to accept and go with the random plans that are destined for us. She also shows how to chill and be stress free while also working hard for what you want.

Cuppy’s even got her own merchandise to share!

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She’s even an advocate for breast cancer awareness which pretty much explains why her frosting is fabulously pink.

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