I.T.A.L.Y. Namjoon — No But Really, He’s Actually In Italy

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A boy band filled with seven hot bullet proof members? Yeah, you sure got our attention and we’re sure we got yours. Heads up, Filipino ARMY! (Especially to those living in Italy.) Why? Well, for the simple reason Namjoon may be breathing the same air as you!

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Currently, Namjoon or otherwise known as RM to the general public is having a vacation in Italy and honestly, everything about him as caught our attention. Like how he could be the perfect Instagram boyfriend as he shows off those perfect pictures he took in the majestic country and even how smart he is by knowing all those places in Italy. Yeah gosh, he’s just made us fall for him more.

What the best news here that everyone is rejoicing with is the fact that Namjoon did not get bothered with his trip even if there are a ton of Italian ARMYs. Many fans have taken it to twitter to pridefully state how respectful the ARMYs are as fans, treating Namjoon normally and not getting pictures or autographs with him as every second passes by, causing a very most possible relief and enjoyment for the star who just wants to have a vacation from all that stress that comes with being a famous K-pop idol together with the rest of the members of BTS. We’re happy he gets to enjoy too. Continue having such a great vacay RM! Your Filipino ARMY and the rest of the world loves you!


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