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Is FumiYam’s Friendship Legit Or Not?

Is FumiYam’s Friendship Legit Or Not?

We’ve all been touched of the friendship of Pinoy Big Brother’s Team LAYF who consists of Lou, Andre, Yamyam, and Fumiya. Most particularly, we’ve all been reeled into the friendship of Fumiya and Yamyam, two different people from two different walks of life with two different nationalities who still seem to understand each other with the power of friendship! (And well, a language they only seem to understand themselves.)

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Dance rehearsal😘🤙

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Just yesterday, Yamyam’s guesting on the famous morning show on ABS-CBN, “Magandang Buhay”, was televised following his recent win in the iconic Filipino reality show he had joined and became popular in. Fumiya came on the show as Yamyam’s best friend. There, they were told that though their friendship looked authentic on screen, there were still many who questioned their friendship, thinking they might just be doing a convincing public stunt. Fumiya and Yamyam were shocked and taken aback by the comment (honestly we would have the same reactions as them too). They quickly cleared the air and confirmed that their friendship was really genuine and none of what they do is scripted. Fumiya even noted that he is so close to Yamyam that he cried when he [Yamyam] became the champion of Pinoy Big Brother. He stated that his cries were of tears of joy, because he was so proud of Yamyam. Cue in the cries of awe. Aren’t they cute? Or shall we say kawaii? Fumiya and Yamyam for the win!

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