It’s National Coffee Day, So Hang On To Your Seats As We Take You To The Best Cafés In Manila

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Guess what day it is today? It’s none other than that special day where all us coffee lovers unite and go crazy for that special drink that we love the most. Well, what else could it be but coffee!

We must admit that the caffeine that rushes through our veins is everything. It keeps us energized, relaxed, and incredibly happy. There’s something about caffeine that we all love which is why in honor of it, it is simply right to visit the different cafés in Metro Manila and if you have no idea where to start, boy do we have a long list for you. So sit back, relax, and get tempted to taste the coffee delicacies found in each café. Trust us, they’re all so promising.

Café #1. Common Folk. (Katipunan)

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keeping on ☀️☕️

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All this café promotes is good vibes as they have a “no bad days” neon sign displayed, and of course their signature dishes which taste super good especially if partnered up with coffee.

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With extra honey on the side, please!

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The café hopes to give the place warm welcoming ala home sweet home vibes with kind and hospitable service. If there’s a café you’re looking for where you want to be made cozy, this is the one for you.

Café #2. Malongo Atelier Barista Café. (Bonifacio High Street)

If you’re into drinking coffee like you’re in the streets of the city of love, the Malongo Atelier Barista Café is the one for you. What’s great is that besides the French cuisine and feeling, the café provides bio-coffee drinks which are basically healthier versions of coffee if you’re conscious about your health lifestyle. At least that won’t get you in the way of celebrating national coffee day!

Café #3. Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery and Café.

If you’d rather find a Seoul mate in your cup of coffee than the Parisian experience then Papa Kim’s Korean Bakery and Café is one not to miss.

The café offers freshly baked bread and delightful coffee drinks that will make you do a finger heart and say “saranghae!” Who knows, you might even find your oppa here.

And that’s it for this list! We hope you enjoy #NationalCoffeeDay like us! It’s definitely a day not to miss. Cheers to that cup of caffeine!


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