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Janine Berdin will take a break from singing after diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome

Janine Berdin will take a break from singing after diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome

The 17-year-old singer Janine Berdin announced on her Instagram post that she will be taking a break from her singing career after diagnosed with Cushing’s Syndrome. Fans noticed that Janine has been inactive in It’s Showtime and ASAP Natin’To for weeks now, and through a lengthy message she expressed her current situation. 

Tuesday, October 29, the “Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 2 Champion” started her post with, “Early September nalaman po namin na may vocal nodules po ako, kaya kinailangan ko pong maging exposed sa cortisol or steroids para gumaling ito.” She revealed that due to “over exposure” in cortisol she developed the illness, “Dahil po sa gantong exposure ng cortisol, nagkaronpo ako ng Cushing’s Syndrome and am currently being treated for it.”

So, what are vocal nodules? According to a medical site, it is also called as singing nodules and these are hard noon-cancerous growths in vocal cords that is obtained by overusing the voice, particularly from singing, yelling etc. Using cortisol will help to limit the inflammation and growth of the nodules, and due to exposure of the treatment Janine developed Cushing’s syndrome. She also mentions, that this is the reason why she has a puffy face, “Kaya po namamaga ang mukha ko hehe hindi po akonagparetoke at alam ko po na hawig ko na tuloy si Chuckie at least hindi na ako mukhang undin di ba? Charot!”

So, she decided to take a break from the meantime because she doesn’t want her voice to be compromised, “On a more serious note po, sumali ako sa Tawag ng Tanghalan to inspire everyone by doing what I love to do—that is singing. If my voice will be compromised, mas masakit yun for me. Mas masakit yun kesa samga masasakit na salita niyo dahil hindi kayo nagagandahansakin or natatabaan kayo sa mukha ko. Now, as I learn to become a more respectful daughter, I can say that it is still my craft which I want to be the best at. I give my respect to all artists who don’t just easily conform.” But Janine still express her willingness to sing, “With everything said, I hope you forgive me if I am not visually up to par with your standards anymore or ever since; you can unfollow me, but I will still sing. And I will never stop singing. Because that is what I want, what I have hoped for, and I am.” She also reached to her fans called “buttercups” and her bashers as well, “Thank you din po sa mgabuttercups ko, I miss you guys as well! just as much, actually—even more! At alam kong medyo weird ito: pero thank you samga bashers ko! Actually, isa kayo sa mga reasons talaga kung bakit sinisipagan kong magpagaling, Hahhaa!”

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magandang gabi po! all the love!

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Get well soon Janine!

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