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Jeffree Star’s Newest Makeup Collection Has Arrived and We’re All Hyped Up!

Jeffree Star’s Newest Makeup Collection Has Arrived and We’re All Hyped Up!

You need to stop what you’re doing right now and pay attention to this! Jeffree Star, the queen of makeup released a new beauty collection. Curious? Yup, you heard us right! Last June 21, Jeffree Star having 15 million YouTube followers and 13.2 million followers on Instagram released the newest Jawbreaker Collection, and we’re talking about not just one eyeshadow palettes but TWO, yes two eyeshadow palettes! The Jawbreaker with 24 shades and Mini Breaker with 9 shades eyeshadow palettes, just look at those vibrant, dazzling and rich colors to die for!

A candy-inspired blinding shimmer, rich metallic, and vibrant matte finishes, a true to-go palette in any occasion! And thanks to Jeffree Star there’s a mini version of it, the Mini Breaker!

Looking for more? Inspired by sugary freezes from the movies, here’s a new limited edition highlighter palette, the Skin Frost Pro Palette. Enjoy intense, high-pigmented, and velvety texture radiance that won’t fade throughout the day.

And when we say blinding, it is blinding in every way! Look at those very striking swatches!

You will not get over with the next beauty collection item, the Jawbreaker Supreme Frost packed with iridescent glass pearl pigments. Be super extra with this extra blinding shimmer finish beauty collection.

Source: Beautylish

Let’s go down and make it better. Introducing the Jawbreaker Velour Liquid Lipstick, the iconic limited-edition shades. Enjoy opaque, high-pigment color that lasts with Jeffree Star’s signature long-wear formula, new vibrant shades of lipstick to die for!

Source: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jawbreaker Lip Ammunition — be amazed with rich pigment glitter and metallic finish with a full coverage in just one swipe!

Source: Beautylish

And to satisfy your daily dose of Jeffree Star’s newest beauty collection here are some pictures where Jawbreaker Collection is highlighted. Enjoy your day!

Be hyped up with the vibrant and rich colors of the newest beauty collection by Jeffree Star!

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