Jennifer Aniston Straight Up Putting The Fab In Dog Walks And Other IG Posts Of Hers That Basically ‘Broke’ The Internet

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We all know how Jennifer Aniston became an absolute pop culture and fashion icon when she stormed the world by the use of television screens through the hit show, Friends, in the best way ever. She was twenty-five and undeniably gorgeous.

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Now that she’s fifty, she’s as fabulous as ever, especially as she took her precious dog, Clyde, out for a simple stroll. A snapped picture with her cute li’l dog was posted on Instagram and has become one huge trend since then. The post has earned around two million likes so far. One of those likes include a like from Jennifer’s ex (and no, it isn’t Brad Pitt).

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Girl’s best friend… bring Clyde to work day.

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Let’s get this straight though. A picture of Jennifer and her sweet Clyde wasn’t the only post of hers that trended. In fact, every post of hers has! Because, hey, who honestly does not want to see every single moment of Jennifer. She’s a queen!

Like can we all remember that time she posted a little picture taken before The Morning Show? The way her eyes go with the mug? It’s just making us go, “Uggggghhhhhhh! Absolute perfection!” It was taken pretty early in the morning, but she looks as grand as ever!

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#TBT In style, then and now…

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May we also please not forget this before and after picture she posted? She’s aged gracefully! She’s as pretty as ever. Hearts are literally the shape of our eyes right now.

We also can’t help but double-click over and over again her BTS picture of a photo shoot where her caption basically serves as a reference to Julia Roberts’ line in the classic movie, Notting Hill.

Ugh, we’re melting from all of the feels!

Gee, Jennifer Aniston, we’re also just girls standing in front of you, asking you to post more pictures, because we just can’t get enough of your fabulous self!

This post has practically been burned into our minds as Jennifer shares her thanks to everyone who stormed into her notification center. She jokingly throws her phone as her newly done IG account has been reported to “break the internet”

Also, spotted from her post is another Jennifer who got the humor.

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With this small interaction, we honestly wish J-Lo and Jennifer Aniston get a picture together. THEY. NEED. ONE.

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Oh wait. THEY. ALREADY. DO. That’s right. Two legendary Jennifers in one picture. We hope you can handle the heat. You’re welcome.

We just had to save Jennifer Aniston’s first ever IG picture as the last on this list, because this is absolutely priceless. FRIENDS FOR THE WIN!

Speaking of Friends, have you all heard that the show is going to have an aired special where everyone in the original cast is to be reunited? Well, they are and don’t y’all worry. This ain’t a hoax. It’s all a 100% true so go ahead and head over to your coach with some chips at hand. It’s time to wait and watch for the Friends special intently.


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