Jerry Yan and Shen Yue teamed up for the newest drama series, “Count Your Lucky Stars”

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Okay, DROP everything you’re doing right now because Jerry Yan a.k.a leader of F4 and heartthrob Dao Ming Si is back with his newest drama series. Jerry played the role of Dao Ming Si in the most loved and long story of the Taiwanese drama series Meteor Garden in 2001, and we can’t still get over with her iconic “pineapple hairstyle” and his perfect love tandem with San Chai, played by Barbie Hsu *insert The Broken Vow theme song*

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Jerry Yan will team up with Shen Yue, she portrayed San Chai in the Meteor Garden remake in 2018n teamed up with Dylan Wang, making us more excited because they are both from the iconic drama series. Jerry and Shen will star in the new Chinese series called “Count Your Lucky Stars”, which is originally called The Exchange Luck. The series will feature a story of Shen being a fashion designer and her egotistical boss Jerry who is born lucky enough, and eventually change luck after that accidental kiss.

Jerry Yan a Taiwanese and currently 42 years old and Shen Yueis a 22 year old Chinese, a big age gap isn’t it? But the undeniable chemistry is over flowing and we can’t help but to swoon on them! To know what we are talking about, check out the trailer below!

The trailer claims the 2nd spot on twitter trend upon its release, now that’s impressive!

Fans also expressed how thrilled they are upon seeing Jerry Yan after a very long time, they even quoted him as “vampire” because he doesn’t look like he aged at all, those of Dao Ming Si days! Oh, how nostalgic! Care to share some skin care tips Dao Ming Si? 

We can’t wait to watch you again Jerry Yan and Shen Yue!


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