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John Lloyd Cruz is now a Director and He Just Released His First Music Video

John Lloyd Cruz is now a Director and He Just Released His First Music Video

“Follow your dreams.” This is exactly what famous actor John Lloyd Cruz did after years of hiatus from mainstream television. Known for posting artsy photos in his personal Instagram account which he named “dumpsitegallery”, the celebrity has been known for his love for visual arts. He fearlessly left the spotlight in exchange of the freedom to be himself without worrying about what others would think or say about him. In a recent interview with ABS-CBN News Channel or ANCX, John Lloyd reveals that he supplied the visuals as he debuted Sugar Hiccup’s music video, which he directed himself. He exclaimed that he always felt alone when he’s shooting. He found a new love and that is film making. The video was comprised primarily of snippets in black and white, mostly of places and things in motion. Upon playing of the short film, it says that all images in it were taken last September to December 2017 and were shot by the filmmaker himself in several cities that have been revisited, visited for the first time, or perhaps the last time. John Lloyd confirmed that some of the shots were taken in Europe and in the Philippines.

The video’s producer, Erwin Romulo, said that the project started two years ago. He added that the team agreed to plan an approach in creating the video instead of a specific concept – and that is to provide true meaning to the song. The title of the song is “Saturnine Nevermore”, a melancholic pop tune comprised of lyrics that sound seemingly disconnected that suggest emotions. John Lloyd thanked Erwin for entrusting this project to him. He said that he wouldn’t have documented this memorable journey if not for Romulo. In his exhibit last March at West Gallery, John Lloyd said that there’s nothing significant in his videos as they are all passive and truly easy to ignore.  

Sugar Hiccup was formed in Manila last 1994, with Melody del Mundo as lead vocals, Czandro Pollack on rhythm guitars, Russel Dacasin on bass, and Mervin Panganiban on drums. Their first album was released under BMG Records Pilipinas in 1995 and sold more than 20,000 copies. After a year, it bagged the “Best Alternative Recording” award at the Awit Awards.

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