John Travolta & Olivia Newton John Take A Blast To The Past As They Channel Their Characters In ‘Grease’ Once More After How Many Decades

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It may not be summer, but John Travolta and Olivia Newton John seem to have a blast as they literally taken one to the past, donning their original Grease costumes once more after how many decades.

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You can call us dramatic all you want, but we’re legit crying at the sight of Danny and Sandy walking hand in hand in 2019. This is the major reunion we always knew we needed. Now, we totally feel complete.

But as much as the whole world loves it, we bet you’re all wondering, why on Earth DID they wear their original costumes anyway?

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Well, the two had properly dressed up for a sing-along event in honor of the movie.

The event named Meet N’ Grease will be on for three days and will feature some Q and A moments.

Olivia Newton John was incredibly happy to post a picture of her holding hands with John Travolta in their Grease outfits. It truly brings us back memories seeing the duo. We might as well say it’s bringing us chills, and yes it’s electrifying.

This isn’t the first time the two had reunited though as they had seen each other once again in a concert that celebrated the 40th anniversary of their hit movie musical. In that event, they sang their famous songs from their film (which honestly might as well be the whole soundtrack).

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We’re thrilled for all of this news on Grease. If the nostalgia from this is driving you crazy though, wait until you hear that Grease is getting a spin-off film that will take place in then 1960s with a more modern sense jived into it. We sure can’t wait until this new Grease movie comes! Perhaps we could get a cameo from the original Danny and Sandy? That would honestly make us more than thrilled.

It’s honestly one thing that Hollywood just has to do!

While we wait for those hopeful cameos to really happen though, let’s reminisce at those Danny and Sandy Grease moments that made us wish we had a budding romance in the 70s. In fact, it also makes us wish we actually lived in the 70s to begin with.

Summer Nights

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Who can forget how cool guy Danny and sweet girl Sandy met over the summer and how they unexpectedly saw each other at an American high school? Well, things surely got in a frenzy right there as Danny and Sandy told their friends different points of view regarding how their short lived romance during the summer to be continued over the school time.


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Ah, remember when high school drama was largely a thing? Well, if you don’t remember, it was and in fact, it was even a trend back in the 70s as Danny laments on how to maintain a relationship with his sweet Sandy while keeping his bad boy reputation as a T-bird, one of the groups at Rydell High, their precious high school.

The peer pressure displayed behind the song has seemed to be deemed relatable by so many people as the song became a huge hit in many countries worldwide.

You’re The One That I Want

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You’re The One That I Want is Sandy and Danny’s most famous duet as Danny resorts to forgetting his T-bird reputation in order to spend and start a life with Sandy. But just as he does, Sandy seems to dispose of her sweet reputation for a moment which drives Danny absolutely crazy.

Oh we sure do understand Danny, because Sandy is looking wonderfully swell in her new look. It makes us want to jump in that outfit and dance to Grease‘s songs.


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