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Jollibee launches their own version of our favorite “Buko Pie”

Jollibee launches their own version of our favorite “Buko Pie”

Our all-time favorite fast food chain, Jollibee, known for its juciylicious fried chicken called chicken joy and the Filipino sweet spaghetti with hotdogs, entice us with their newest product that will definitely wake up your senses! Starting today, the popular food chain store will offer their newest member of “dessert family.” Nope, not an ice cream, which also a favorite but an additional pastry dish, Buko Pie.

Yes! You are not dreaming, Jollibee took their excitement on their social media accounts and announce the mouth-watering news. “We wanted to introduce a brand new but totally familiar local flavor to Jollibee’s selection of well-loved desserts and snacks.”, express by Jollibee’s Senior Marketing Manager Kay Segismundo. “There’s no better treat to offer at Jollibee than the delightfully tasty Buko Pie, and we’re glad to make it easily accessible to anyone who craves it.” she added.

Jollibee guarantees that we will all love Buko pie as much as we love their best-selling pie, the peach-mango pie. Its chunky flaky crust filled with real buko chunks and sweet-creamy filling will satisfy your Buko Pie cravings and will surely leave a room for this sweet treat after your meal! With a very affordable price 0f P30 each and if you like to treat yourself and indulge with 2 more Buko Pie, you can avail 3 pie’s to go for P89, dine in or take out you need to give your self a treat sometimes, right?

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Jollibee’s Buko Pie is available in Luzon stores as of October 15, 2019 and will be available in Visayas and Mindanao stores starting October 28. Now that Buko Pie is made accessible by Jollibee you don’t need to go South like somewhere in Cavite or Laguna just to satisfy your cravings for the sweet dessert, just go to the nearest Jollibee store and dig into that sweet treat!

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