Julia Barretto Reaches Out To The Public About Being “Mischaracterized”

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A few months have passed since the issue of Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo’s break broke out with Julia Barretto linked to the sudden news, being labelled as the third party or the reason behind Gerald’s ghosting. We have to admit that a lot of things had happened over the course of those months. Lots of hearts have been broken and anger totally fell out of place, but even through those all, all three celebrities linked to the issue are healing, especially Julia Barretto who has been attacked the most by the public through platforms of social media.

And now, over on Instagram after moments of silence and time for herself given for moving on, Julia Barretto had one last thing to say to the netizens regarding the issue and obviously, she would want to make it loud and clear — she has been mischaracterized.

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Glass skin look c/o @luckysevenb ✨

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The celebrity specifically posted on her Instagram story a series of quotes from Dr. Jordan Peterson, a Canadian psychology professor. The quotes read, “How do I deal with being mischaracterized? Often, I get angry and want to break something. That’s a private response; mostly my family has to put up with that. Then, I usually calm down and think, ‘Let those who consider themselves my enemies reveal their hands.’What I have seen, so far (and I’m not counting on this to continue, necessarily), is that if I’m patient, those who mischaracterize me end up reaping what they have sown. So I try to detach myself, watch, and not jump too quickly to negative conclusions.”

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Next chapter.

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This has been the latest post Julia has made after dodging the press and interviews and being silent, considering she is a work in progress when it comes to fully healing.


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