Julia Barretto’s first vlog is a must see here’s why

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A lot of people are now venturing to the “new norm”, vlogging and recently YouTube welcomes the newest vlogger in town Julia Barretto. After the announcement of Julia Barretto that she is officially becoming a vlogger on her own YouTube channel called Just Julia, a lot of fans are giving their suggestions on what Julia should consider to talk about and to share and just today, September 21, the young actress finally announced that the debut episode is already out and having 17,000 subscribers and getting higher,  the episode which was just premiered hours ago already had thousands of views and took the internet instantly.

The first vlog of Julia Barretto is about the behind the scenes to the recent ABS-CBN Ball 2019, which happened last September 14. It is known to everyone that Julia is very much involved in the talk of the town controversy with Gerald Anderson and Bea Alonzo. A lot of people bashed and hate Julia because of the accusations and rumors of being the third party and the reason for the breakup of Gerald and Bea, as well as Gerald as the reason for her and Joshua Garcia to end their relationship. With months of dramas, the 22-year-old actress speaks about herself in the process of moving forward. And now that Julia is dealing with a new career, you will see on her first vlog how all these people who bashed and hated her and the controversy affects her. This first episode elicits a reaction from her fans in the comment section you will see that they are praising Julia for being brave, smart and genuine person despite the controversies. Fans are also quoting lines form the vlog which really catches their attention and touches their heart, they also express all the love and admiration for Julia.

People have different ways of coping up with what life offers us, and for Julia this is her next chapter.


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It’s official, Julia Barretto is now a vlogger and you need to check her first vlog