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Justin and Hailey Bieber Have News and We Can’t Help But Sing, “Baby, Baby, Oh”

Justin and Hailey Bieber Have News and We Can’t Help But Sing, “Baby, Baby, Oh”

We don’t think anyone can forget when the lovely couple, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin finally tied the knot with their relationship by marriage last year which to be honest, seemed a bit confusing at first since Hailey had denied the marriage last September while Justin Bieber noted that he really was married to her last November. Well, whether they really are married or not, we’re really happy for them.

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Setting that aside though, other than their confusing marriage rumors, ending up to be real, other rumors about their relationship have been popping up lately and they mostly consist of them getting a plus one in their small family. Could this be real? Is Hailey Baldwin really pregnant? OK, we’re just going to be straightforward and save you from the energy of wondering and pondering. The answer is: no, the couple isn’t having a baby yet. In fact, the couple may not work with the baby factory anytime soon, because Hailey has admitted that they aren’t exactly thinking of having a baby yet.

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This news has pretty much got fans to be down since many are excited to see what Justin Bieber’s child may look like. And really, no kidding, we must confess that we were too, but when we found out that it was far from happening, we were sorta sad. But oh well, it really doesn’t matter. As a young couple, it’s most probable that Justin and Hailey still want to enjoy their married life and have time to themselves. After all, being a parent comes with a ton of responsibilities. Let’s let them live the life for the meanwhile and let the time come for them to be ready to have a children.

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