Kate Middleton Is Here To Show You How To Wear Casual Clothes Like A Royal

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Wearing casual clothes may make anyone just seem too ordinary or simple (I don’t know why, but that’ sort of what casual does to other people). Obviously, as fashion enthusiasts, we’d want something fashionable, playful, unique, or basically something that’ll make everyone else’s jaws reach the floor. Luckily in this generation, we have Kate Middleton, the world’s sweetest duchess ever, to show that we can achieve all that through the casual wear many may think to be too plain.

Today we’re all going to get those sweet princess lessons of fashion.

Sure, you all may be confused though. Since Kate is pretty much a grand duchess, doesn’t she usually wear formal clothes? Because you know, that’s all the world usually sees.

Well, you are truly mistaken my fellow women, because our dear Kate knows how to rock in casual and she’s about to shake us all with it.

Kate Middleton has completely slayed in a striped fitted shirt with ruffles and what seems to be cool flare panta paired with white sneakers.

She wears the very same pants in another outfit with yet another striped shirt with high heels this time.

She shows that repeating clothes really doesn’t matter even when you’re a royal. A true queen!

Kate made royal worldwide noise when she effortlessly wore a long sleeved black sweater with matching black jeans. She even wore a messy bun to go with it. It looked totally magical.

We may have to say that Kate may have a thing for flare jeans, because she totally wears another set right here:

Kate wore a great white shirt tucked in and a green female suit. It’s a great example of a casual business attire. We’re loving it to be honest.

I guess I’m going to wear something like this for my next thesis defense.

And since it’s the Christmas season, here’s a fashionable Kate Middleton smoothly dressed up for the holidays.

Kate has worn this ensemble and shook us all in awe. I bet if you wear something like this, everybody is just going to have to ask you how you got the inspiration for this.

In fact, everyone may ask you how you got the idea to wear all of these outfits. Well, if they ever do (there’s a high chance they will), you can just simply flip your hair and say, “Oh it’s royal fashion.”

They actually may praise you and end up Googling it, because this is too good to not Google up.

So what are you waiting for? Charm everyone with these royal looks from Kate Middleton! Embrace the princess in you.

You can also share this post and comment if you want to learn some more princess lessons from one of our favorite duchesses! We’d love to hear from you all!


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