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KathNiel’s Iceland trip is solely for vacation and not for work

KathNiel’s Iceland trip is solely for vacation and not for work

Breaking news, KathNiel is taking a vacation!

Box office hit movie and success of Hello, Love, Goodbye where Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards paired up for the first time and Daniel Padilla is also busy with his music career and other stuffs, the real life couple is so busy as they juggle between career and their personal endeavors. Just recently, Kathryn took the internet by revealing how much Daniel supported her on her journey of success, a lengthy appreciation post was shared by Kath on her Instagram account and it went like a wildfire and took the internet for days! A day after the viral post of Kath her boyfriend Daniel Padilla just made the sweetest surprise for her girlfriend and mother of Kath, DJ sent a bouquet of tulips for Kath and a bouquet of Rose for Min Bernardo, mother of Kath and we can`t help but to swoon for these two!

Just recently, in Sine Sandaan red carpet Kathryn Berbardo and Daniel Padilla were spotted in the event, as expected the KathNiel captivated the fans and the media with their stunning outfits and impeccable chemistry. In an interview, KathNiel were asked about their upcoming vacation in Iceland, the reporters were intrigued if they will have shooting in Iceland for their upcoming Valentine movie. “Hindi po. Bakasyon po yun. Matagal na po namin yun pinaalam. Finally po, pinayagan.”, answered by the box office Queen Kathryn Bernardo. Daniel didn’t give much details or schedule about their vacation to Iceland, “Very soon po,” the actor shortly responded.

Kathryn and Daniel are excited to witness the Northern Lights where Iceland is ever famous for, meanwhile KathNiel fans are excited for their upcoming movie in time for the Valentines day for the year 2020 after all Kathryn and Daniel work hard for their career and they both deserve to go on a vacation.

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