Kathryn Bernardo Posts The Most Aesthetic Pictures With The Most Relatable and Hilarious Captions

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We’re just going to go ahead and say it: Kathryn Bernardo’s Instagram feed is just goals. Her aesthetic pictures are everything and they literally just have our jaws hanging out. Like seriously, we’re in love and we don’t know how exactly in love we are, but we sure do know how much more in love we can be, especially with her latest pictures posted on her account.

Just over the weekend, Kathryn Bernardo posted two pictures of her with her boyfriend, Daniel Padilla. And as fashionable and as aesthetic the pictures were, her caption for their poses was everything for the fans or the people who merely look up to them.

The caption read, “How to laugh when your crush is looking at you! 🌚” with Kathryn Bernardo laughing as she was looking at Daniel Padilla. This received quite the attention from people and hilarious comments made by fans and followers.

Well, we sure know now what to do for a pose with a significant other — well, until we find one, that is. ‘Till then, we can only enjoy the pictures of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, otherwise known as Kathniel collectively, on Instagram. Here’s to enjoying more!


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