KC Concepcion Speaks Against Body Shaming

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Body shaming is a way of bullying that has been used against many people everywhere no matter what shape, size, or social status. This means that even celebrities are not excluded from this. Believe it or not, many experience body shaming by bashers everywhere. One such is KC Concepcion who decided to take a stand against her body shamers.

When KC posted a picture of herself in New York, a netizen commented, “Good for rainy weather though, but another outfit to hide the excess pounds esply wabbly flabby tummy,” to which KC replied with, “You have 2 followers and a fake profile pic. If you feel so good about body shaming me, you shouldn’t feel the need to HIDE.”

KC’s bold statement had earned her the praise of many people as she spoke against body shaming in such a simple comment. We also can’t help but feel amazed as how she bravely decided to comment such a reply even with her status as a celebrity. We admire KC’s awesomeness!

Remember: body shaming isn’t something to just shrug off. If you ever feel body shamed, tell a friend or family member or even bravely speak against the matter to the person who body shames you. Take a stand and love yourself!

KC was in New York with her mother and the rest of the family, enjoying their quality time together.


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