Kelly Clarkson’s Kids Interview Aquaman a.k.a. Jason Momoa, Their Fav Superhero And Honestly, It’s The Cutest Thing We’ve Seen This 2019.

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Kids gushing over their favorite superheroes could honestly make anyone squeal. If you don’t know what we mean, here are a few random pictures of kids and heroes just so you could see things from our point of view:

Source: Ohnotheydidnt – Live Journal
Source: Henry Cavill News
Source: On The Pulse Seattle’s Children
Source: E! News

It’s just too cute, right? It’s so adorable that we just get teary-eyed — especially to those cancer inflicted kids who have met the heroes they have always admired on the big screen. Shoutout to you all! You’re the real superheroes, kids!

Speaking of kids meeting their idolized superheroes, a pair of kids have met their favorite hero just recently (thanks to their celebrity mom who is none other than the gorgeous Kelly Clarkson).

It was apparently “bring your kids to work day” on the Kelly Clarkson show and the singer smartly took advantage of the day as she invited her kids’ favorite hero right on the time they were around. The smile on their faces was absolutely priceless. Here’s a look of it, because their happiness can’t just be contained or expressed with words — that’s how pure and amazing it was.

Source: People
Source: E! News

And as if the joy of seeing the presence of the legendary Aquaman wasn’t enough, Kelly Clarkson let her kids interview him.

Remington who’s currently only three years old was too shy and busy admiring Jason Momoa that he let his big sister, River who’s currently five, do all the asking.

Source: People

The kids eventually got some help from their mom, Kelly, to ask their biggest question to Jason Momoa yet: if he knows The Little Mermaid.

Jason Momoa replied sweetly that he did know Ariel, probably having been reminded by his own two kids who are just the cutest ever too. He added that Ariel was a very sweet and nice mermaid to get to know. After that, he jokingly turned to Remington and said he’d teach him “a thing or two about red heads” someday. Well, considering the wife of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is a red head, we bet he knows more than “a thing or two about red heads”.


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