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KFC’s Fire Log That Smells Like Fried Chicken And Their Other Crazy Viral Antics That We Loved

KFC’s Fire Log That Smells Like Fried Chicken And Their Other Crazy Viral Antics That We Loved

KFC is known for the house of fried chicken and of course their weird antics that drive us crazy, but we fall in love with anyway. Here are a few KFC food and well, innovative inventions that had become viral all over the world (we just love spreading the KFC love):

Viral Antic #1. The Limited Edition KFC Fire Log That Smells Just Like Fried Chicken.

Last year KFC has released a fire log that smells just like fried chicken for the holidays. The invention was announced as sold out within only a few hours, because well, who wouldn’t want a fire log that smells like you’ve brought KFC into your house? Yeah, we’re guessing nobody in the world. Everyone just wants to grab their hands on that KFC delight (even if you can’t really eat it). And though we don’t really need it here in the Philippines, if they ever re-release for the holidays, you might want to have to consider buying. Like, really consider buying.

Viral Antic #2. The Cheetos Chicken Sandwich.

This isn’t yet available in our country, but we may want to have to cross our fingers and pray every prayer, because this can actually be thriving on our land. The delicacy is basically Cheetos and chicken between two gorgeous buns smothered in mayonnaise and Cheetos sauce. Check out the picture and crave for it like how we are craving for it too.

Viral Antic #3. Cheese-Topped Burger.

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The controversial burger. 🍔

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Saving as last but not the least is a weird antic of our own that went viral in the most crazy way. Anyone remember the cheese-topped burger which is actually what exactly the name is. It was so crazy that it was even talk of the town in America. In KFC Philippine’s defence though, the burger wasn’t like the regular burger we all know and if you actually got to eat it then you’ll agree. The buns were actually sticky and difficult to eat. They decided to bake the cheese on top of the bun so it can be cheesier and yummier. So the next time you see this, you might want to tell people to stop calling it dumb or stupid. We’d even actually say that it’s a pretty neat thing to make.

That’s all for KFC’s crazy antics. We hope you loved this post and enjoyed these things! Share your thoughts about this too! We’d love to hear you out!

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