Kim Kardashian’s Parenting Gets Questioned Yet Again After North West, 6, Wears A Nose Ring

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Once again Kim Kardashian has managed to headline entertainment newspaper and sites all over the world by doing one move that received incredible backlash: the issue of letting her six year old daughter, North West, wear a nose ring at such a young age. Many have relayed their opinions on the issue, stating that North West is too young to wear a nose ring. Kim has been quick; however, in responding, most probably due to being so used to such circumstances, stating that her daughter was wearing a fake nose ring. This didn’t seem to change anything; however, for others even if North West did slay that look. After all, she was only six.

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Love bugs

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When it came to such instances, many have been not so warmed up with the way Kim has been treating her daughter. We suppose we all can’t forget that time North West was spotted with heavy lipstick at a special occasion and just heavy makeup from Kim’s line from time to time. Kim Kardashian, of course, defended her choice of letting her daughter wear such makeup, stating that North West is extremely fond of makeup and fashion even at her age and all she wants is to support that like how any mother would. And with North West’s magazine debut, it seems that Kim Kardashian could be telling the wholesome truth regarding her daughter’s newfound glamorous personality. It seems that North might just really want to be a model like her mother and other members of the family.

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I still can’t believe my first born baby is 6.

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