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Kimono? More like: “Kim Oh No”

Kimono? More like: “Kim Oh No”

Just recently, Kim Kardashian has decided to do something she’s always wanted to do: provide an underwear that offers different solutions for women. Basically, she’d want to revolutionize the underwear industry and right when we’d want to support her on that idea, she goes on to announce that she’s naming the line, “Kimono”. Now? All that support has just gone down the drain.

With this, Kim has has been facing the many criticisms around her. There have been statements made regarding her insensitivity towards the Japanese culture, particularly the traditional Japanese outfit whose name she decided to use for her underwear line.

People are going crazy on Twitter and by crazy, we mean the bad type of crazy. Critics here and there are calling Kim, “tasteless and awful” as she had done something that was culturally offensive. Now if you think that’s horrible, wait until you see that Kim has officially apparently trademarked not only the official name to her line, but other versions of it too like: Kimono Intimates, Kimono World, and so on and so forth. Obviously this news, didn’t make anyone close to happy, most especially Japan.

For a while, Kim has been silent on social media, not even saying a single word until she finally opened up to the New York Times. She defended her decision to naming her shape wear line, “Kimono”, stating that it is a “nod to the beauty and detail that goes into a garment.” She had also mentioned that she has no intention whatsoever to dishonor the clothing, having the deepest respect for the kimono in the Japanese culture.

Now about the trademarking issue, Kim explained that it was only meant to be used as a “source identifier” which she would use for her intimates line, but it wouldn’t restrict anyone from making the traditional kimonos or using the word kimono when referring to the traditional outfit.

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Despite this though, people are still not convinced and still wish to have Kim change her shape wear line’s name, but unfortunately, it looks like the whole world is not anywhere close to convincing Kim Kardashian so it seems that “Kimono” is going to have to stay.

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