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Ku Hye Sun and Anh Jae Hyun Are Apparently Getting A Divorce

Ku Hye Sun and Anh Jae Hyun Are Apparently Getting A Divorce

Is divorce a trend right now? Because seriously, celebrities seem to love signing those papers, a sign to officially and legally end the love they had vowed to do for supposedly, the rest of their lives. Honestly, show business is filling up not only a river, but an ocean of divorced couples and crazily enough, it’s just too much.

When the Song-Song couple officially got divorced, the whole K-drama fanbase was shocked and maybe had to cry an infinite number of buckets of tears that may not even be enough. Now, with all of us trying to recover, another married couple formed through the bonds of what we call a, “K-drama” (which seems to be more than just a fun TV show — apparently, it’s turning into a great dating opportunity for some actors), is officially cutting the knots they had once tied up together.

Ku Hye Sun and Anh Jae Hyun, two of Korea’s finest leading men and women, are getting a divorce. Both had met each other on the set of the famous Korean drama, “Blood”, which is basically about a doctor who’s apparently a vampire, a role played by Anh Jae Hyun while of course, Ku Hye Sun, his now former lawfully wedded wife played his leading lady on the show. They started dating for a year soon after the show until they made what the fans believed to be a life-long commitment official by placing that ring on that gorgeous finger in the year of 2016. Now, three years later, the two lovebirds aren’t so lovey dovey anymore. In fact, Ku Hye Sun has just posted a screenshot of her conversation with her husband on Instagram, confirming the mess in their relationship. Of course, the conversation was in Korean, but luckily, a fan was so kind enough to translate it for the whole world to understand — which actually, if you think deeply into it, isn’t such a good thing, but we suppose Ku Hye Sun had it coming.

The conversation showed Ku Hye Sun trying to hold a good conversation and Anh Jae Hyun being persistent with his desire of her signing the divorce papers. You can read more into it in the picture below:

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Indeed this is another divorce that will stick into the hearts of the K-drama addicts, but though deep inside, we’d want them together, like we always say, we respect their decision either way.

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