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Lady Gaga Isn’t Finished Showing Off The Pride Through Her Rainbow Boots

Lady Gaga Isn’t Finished Showing Off The Pride Through Her Rainbow Boots

Just when you thought pride month was over, Lady Gaga swoops in with her dashing rainbow thigh-high boots to show everyone that showing off that pride doesn’t necessarily have to end.

Well, it is something expected as gaga can mean crazy and Lady Gaga has sure shown us how to be crazy — crazy free! Last Saturday, Lady Gaga stepped out in New York to attend the Pride Live’s Stonewall Day Concert, a tribute concert dedicated to the LGBTQ progress. There, full of passion, she spoke a speech defending the LGBTQ+ community, specifically stating, “I will continue to fight every day during shows and even when I’m not on stage, to spread a message that’s actually quite simple — be kind. So today — and I hope every day — dance, sing, rejoice, worship yourself, worship each other!” Yes, talk about a heartfelt speech! And not only did she just spread such an empowering speech — she also did it while wearing such a dazzling outfit showcasing glimmer and glam, of course! That would be the colorful and not to mention sparkly rainbow boots which we had just mentioned that she had matched with denim shorts and a multi-colored jacket! Check out that prideful look just gleaming from her!

Check out her highlight on the show below! And also, don’t forget to spread that fabulous pride!

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