Learn Good Life Lessons On Finance With Ashley Tisdale’s Hilarious Cosmpolitan Expensive Taste Test

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Ashley Tisdale who is most known for playing Sharpay in of our favorite classic childhood movies, High School Musical, has just taken the Cosmopolitan Expensive Taste Test wherein the player must guess which between each pair of objects laid on the table is more expensive than the other.

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The game began with Ashley guessing which between two diamond bracelets were more expensive. The singer and actress had guessed which one was more expensive correctly, but was ultimately shocked when she found out that the expensive one was $390,000 and not $100 or $200 like she had expected. Ashley had her jaw drop as she jokingly called out security to get the bracelet before anything happens to it as she had flung it into the air before finding out its true price.

Another pair of objects Ashley was told to guess was which one was more expensive between a magazine with her as the front cover signed by her and a fully signed script of an episode of The Suite Life, a Disney sitcom close to our hearts that she starred in even before High School Musical. Ashley quickly assumed the script was more expensive until she noticed it was just a copy of a signed script, taking back her answer in the process. She then looked over at the magazine, but before she could say it was her answer, she noticed that the signature on the cover wasn’t hers. The staff then asked if she could sign it herself to which she agreed. After signing, she had then dubbed it more expensive.

Source: Cosmopolitan

Ashley was even told to guess between plates of fries. When she tasted each of them, she dubbed the one on her right as the cheap one, saying, “It isn’t even real potato,” and claiming that it had tasted bad and stale. It was to her surprise; however, when she found out that it was actually the more expensive one. With this, Ashley concluded that an object being expensive didn’t mean that it made it better.

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Go ahead and check out the more funny moments by clicking the whole video below! While you’re at it, go ahead and check Ashley’s latest project, Merry Happy Whatever, too, streaming on Netflix.

Merry Happy Whatever is Netflix’s latest sitcom. The story is centered on a father, trying to handle the heat brought out by a crazy situation — his daughter bringing home her boyfriend for the cold holiday season.


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