Learn More About the Fashion Brand that Beyoncé and Michelle Obama Wears

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There were two new sustainably-made fashion collections from the American brand Tracy Reese that were launched by the fashion designer herself recently. One is called “Hope for Flowers”, which features her signature silhouettes and feminine detailing; while the other is a pilot collaboration with the brand “Detroit is the New Black”, a collection of casual statement pieces consisting of jeans, cropped tops, and hoodies in neutral shades.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with this amazing fashion designer, allow me to introduce her to you. Tracy Reese is the sole African American member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, and is known to have driven herself towards the top from working for a firm called Arlequin under Martine Sitbon to launching her own ready-to-wear label. Her first store which initially solely sold clothes, opened in New York City until it eventually expanded to manufacture home furnishings. She opened her second store in Tokyo only after two years. Famous personalities who have worn her designs are former first lady Michelle Obama, Beyonce Knowles, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

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Source: Google

The “Hope for Flowers” collection is inspired by the flower of creativity that must be cherished in each person. The collection encourages an ecosystem of sustainable fashion to attain positive impact to the society. It also encourages women and young people through arts programming. Similar to flowers in bloom, the “Hope for Flowers” collection is described as an “elegant design that will last year after year”.

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Meanwhile, the other fashion collection is a collaboration with the brand “Detroit is the New Black”. It was initiated to support important values such as environmentalism, community and craft in the city of Detroit, where Reese was born and raised. From tank tops, tees, thermals, maxi dresses, cardigans, rompers, and denims, the simple design will allow you to assert a bold statement in the most elegant, sophisticated, and fashionable way.

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