Leila Alcasid’s makeup proves that Less is More

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Less is more.

One of the trending makeup is the “no makeup” look, it’s a new way of showing gradient skin, wearing light makeup products such as skin tint or less foundation to no foundation at all and the goal is to highlight the natural glow and freshness of the skin. A lot of girls are trying this newest trend and we can’t get enough of the visions it created online. We know that all of us are still hyped up about ABS-CBN Ball fever and this “no makeup” look proved that wearing less makeup is more.

We can’t help but to admire Leila Alcasid, she is a Filipino-Australian singer-songwriter, daughter of Michelle Eimeren and Ogie Alcasid. The 21-year-old Kapamilya caught the attention of many with her off-white terno and flowy skirt by designer Vania Romoff and her glowing-fresh radiant natural beauty! Anthea Bueno, makeup artist of Leila, confess to her Instagram account that Leila is not wearing any foundation, yas girl what a beaut!

Anthea decided to go bare because as she was looking at Leila’s skin and prepping it for makeup it was already look good without anything on it, sana all Leila. Anthena also shared that this idea was inspired from the recent New York Fashion Week with models who are wearing less to no makeup at all, revealing natural radiant looking skin. She also wanted to emulate simple and elegant look just like Leila’s gown which is made of Piña, one of the lightest fabrics to use in creating a Filipiniana. With no foundation, hints of bronzer for the eyes and cheeks, Leila is slaying the red-carpet event.

And if you haven’t seen Leila’s talk of the town less is more makeup, here’s the gradient natural look of the yong Kapamilya that is worth staring for, enjoy SHY peeps!


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