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Let’s Kill This Day With A Ton of BLACKPINK OOTDS

Let’s Kill This Day With A Ton of BLACKPINK OOTDS

Ever wanted to be a K-pop idol for a day? Oh wait. Let’s rephrase that question. Ever wanted to be a part of BLACKPINK for a day? Yeah, we have too. Don’t sulk though and think it’s impossible. Nothing ever is. And we’ll prove it to you by taking on the role of your fairy godmother of fashion! We’re willing to take you on a whimsical journey towards achieving BLACKPINK’s wardrobe so if you didn’t think fairy godmothers existed, we’re telling you that you better think again.

Enough talk though. Let’s move on to the enchanting fashion styles that will have you kill this day 100% certified.

OOTD #1. The Casual Outfits (We’re Calling Out Airport Clothes — Those Fit Perfectly Too).

We know everyone’s favorite outfit is one where they can feel extremely comfortable in — one that makes them feel light and happy in every single way. This is why the first outfit that we’re sure will help you slay the day is one where we’re sure your skin could be comfortable in. After all, wearing clothes like your K-pop idols is basically just following their fashion trend still even if it’s casual.

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Try out Jennie’s style as she dons a gray cotton hoodie with a denim jacket over it (yes two jackets are perfectly fine and with a cold weather we have right now, there’s no way you can deny needing them) and of course, for her pants, she wears gray cotton jogging pants — the same type of gray as her cotton hoodie.

You can also go ala Lisa who rocks casual clothes just as much as Jennie does with a yellow sweater and striped beret hat. Get some sweet denim jeans to rock the full outfit!

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OOTD #2. Black Will Always Be Sexy.

Rock the day as Jisoo with a full black sexy attire, perfect for when you want to go to bars, high school or college parties, or maybe just moments where you want to have fun. Honestly, there’s no way black will ever let you down.

Oh and you know another thing it’s perfect for? Dancing. K-pop dancing.

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OOTD #3. Actually, You Can Be Sexy In White Too.

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Get all of the BLACKPINK members’ vibes with their all white look. Rock white denim jackets and white denim shorts or skirts. Yes, it’s as simple as that! With this, you’re good to go and rock it with the BLACKPINK vibes especially maybe with Rosé’s look in the picture. (Isn’t she a beauty?)

Completely dress in BLACKPINK’s clothes in order to achieve that Korean pop style to kill this day and everyday! Just slay girl!

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