Lindsay Lohan Is Ready To Make The Perfect Comeback To Hollywood — Again.

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There had to be one point in our lives when we were charmed by the adorable Lindsay Lohan when she played twins in the box office hit, The Parent Trap. The little red head just had us at “hello”. More so when she went through teenage hood wherein she gave us hit films such as Freaky Friday. Our personal favourite though would definitely have to be Mean Girls — that movie where they only wear pink on Wednesdays. The movie was such a huge hit that it became a cult classic and Lindsay was loved even more. That is until she became a mean girl herself by the time she reached adulthood. Yes, by that time, people realised the actress was a child star no more. And so for some time, we saw Lindsay disappear in the world of Hollywood like some cheap magic trick played on us. Everything is bound to change right now; however, because Lindsay is returning and she’s proud to say that she’s bolder and better so to those fans of Lindsay who have stayed, it’s a darn good thing you didn’t lose hope.

As the star was pitched in on an exclusive interview just recently, she has admitted that after everything that has happened in her life, she is now determined to get her career which had once spiralled down back on track while managing to now work on a peaceful life, because now, she just wants to save the drama for the television and not her actual life.

Lindsay has also mentioned that she wants to do good to a lot of people and just help out which we totally support her for.

Upon ending the interview, she has mentioned that she is working on a movie that she has produced and has just read this book which they plan to make in a series or a movie. Otherwise, there’s nothing too grandeur occurring in Lindsay’s career right now, but we can say that we hope for the best for her and that once again, she can get a breakthrough role again for a great comeback.


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