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LizQuen Is Awesome, But Is Liza Soberano Ever Open To Working With A New Partner?

LizQuen Is Awesome, But Is Liza Soberano Ever Open To Working With A New Partner?

Love teams in the entertainment industry pretty much bring us a ton of excitement and “kilig” for us Filipinos. If we compare them to food, they’re sort of like the spice of the meal. And who doesn’t love the spice of the meal? Apparently in the show business perspective, no one.

Love teams have always clicked with us Filipinos like Kathniel, Jadine, and of course, Lizquen who have begun as love teams in their younger years or the beginning of their career. As time has progressed though, some of them had partnered up with other celebrities, having made a firm career in showbiz already with their love team partner and also, for them the continue blossoming as an actor or actress.

Kathryn Bernardo and Nadine Lustre, the girls of Kathniel and Jadine respectively, have already partnered up with other celebrities in a few projects here and there that have done extremely well, but what about Liza Soberano who is proudly ½ of Lizquen and hasn’t been the leading lady of a celebrity other than Enrique Gil ever since their love team was made?

Well, with a new “teleserye” with Enrique Gil and a few projects lined up for her, Liza mentioned that she was very open to working with other celebrities and if ABS-CBN would see that it would help her career, it would be no problem for her and she would be totally up for it.

We don’t know about you, but it sure does sound exciting to see Liza Soberano partnered up with other celebrities. Well, we’ll have to wait for other projects lined up for her and her management’s decision. ‘Till then, let’s support her most awaited “teleserye” with Enrique Gil, possibly coming out this year!

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