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Look! KathNiel’s Iceland vacation pictures are all swoon worthy, like sana all

Look! KathNiel’s Iceland vacation pictures are all swoon worthy, like sana all

KathNiel fans here’s the latest update on their talk of the town Iceland vacation. The real-life couple and loveteam Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla is taking a break from the hustle and busy life of showbiz industry. The Kapamilya stars are reportedly left the country on September 26 going to Iceland, a Nordic Island country located in the North Atlantic. Kathryn and Daniel will spend their two weeks vacation and were left unchaperoned according to a source, they will just be meeting some tour guides and friends along their vacation.

And to give you an update here’s KathNiel’s Day 1 and their swoon worthy adventure.

The Blockbuster Queen, Kathryn Bernardo took pictures of her and Daniel on the famous Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa in Iceland known for its bluish and milky water due to its high silica content. “Day 1 in Iceland: Blue Lagoon! Best decision after a looooong flight.” Kath wrote.

One of the highlights of KathNiel’s Iceland trip is to witness the ever famous Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis a natural light display in the Earth’s sky which is seen in the high-latitude regions. Since it’s the perfect season to witness Northern lights, Kathryn shared the “magical” experience on her Instagram post. The first photo made KathNiel fans and us swoon, Kathryn kissing Daniel on his cheeks, “Define magical. The northern lights decided to show up on our first day here, almost as if it was welcoming us. Thanks for showing up, Aurora Borealis! Please feel free to do so again in the coming days. We really don’t mind.” Teen Queen captioned her post.

The couple also didn’t miss the chance to visit Iceland’s known waterfalls like Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss waterfalls.

Kathryn is awed for the beauty which is according to her it is the first time they witnessed a pink sunset, aww these two is just so sweet!

KathNiel will surely make the most out of it whilst their Iceland vacation, we can’t wait for more Iceland photos KathNiel!

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